100% combo

I know there is a combo very similar to this one in Mopreme & Kamui Encyclopedia, but however. Im trying to think about 100% combos these days.

On Akuma, anywhere on the screen.

Jumping RH, HP, HP shoryuken, Shinsho, RH geri (stun) Finish.

Although it seems simple, its not practical at all… and its hella difficult to do:

The jumping RH must hit very, very (but very) deep. If not, the shoryuken will whiff.

The HP must be done right after u land. If not, the shoryuken will whiff.

The shoryuken must be cancelled immediately after the HP, if not it will whiff. Cancelling the shoryuken from a close HP is very difficult when in the middle of a combo. This is due to Ryus worst move ever: fwd+HP.

In theory, this combo would work on Remy as well (since its almost identical to Mopremes one).

is a jump-in cross-up RH …<— that will do