100+ new vampire savior vids

Normally I leave this to Bizm… but there 151 vids… i’m peeing in my pants… if only I didnt have this fucking lab report :-\


Gah I wish this was in one zip file.

Nice find :tup:

good stuff, this’ll keep me busy for dayyys.

Sweet! I bought Chaos Tower today so maybe I can get a few pointers from the matches. :slight_smile:

I tried to get the vids B-izm posted a couple of weeks ago yesterday and they were down. :sad:

But I’ll be sure to get these tonight. 151 vids, that is going to put me into a stupor. Thanks a heap gbursine. :woot:

here’s an easy way to dl them all…

www.download.com -->
download "free download manager"
make a batch download list for the files like this:
“temptation_(*).avi” and then have it download from 71-221

it will auto download them 1 at a time or up to like 12 or however many your computer can handle…automatically. Should save u all alot of time, I downloaded them all at work today while I’ve been working…^^



Sweet thx gbursine!!!

Downloading now!!!

Nice find!

Thank you.

battle festival is niice, too bad the one they had in augst isnt up anymore =(

expect some more stuff to come out later on in a few months(i think)


for you fellow unix geeks:

for BLAH in seq 71 221; do wget http://temp-tation.ath.cx/SAVIOR/stream/sugamo/5on5/temptation_$BLAH.avi; done

I officially hate you and my fucking crappy windows PC.

EDIT: it seems I’m also blind…

Ah, 1.7 gigs of VS goodness.
Damn good fighting, although the massive double turtling in #201 was kind of surprising.

nice find. thnx

hey can anyone tell me whats the tier list for vampire savior and what makes some characters top tier?

These have been up since at least November ('cause that’s when I got 'em), & the date at the top of the page reads May 2nd, 2004.

Not tryin’ to be like ‘I had ‘em first!’ or ‘OLD!’, just sayin’ they’re not new, that’s all.:bgrin:


pretty old, but that’s the only thing i found.

Thank God for the Download Them All! extension for Firefox.

I haven’t viewed all the matches yet, but ones of note:

23 ticks of the counter before a first attack. :slight_smile: Look for the B.B.Hood infinite at about counter 30 (very difficult to do, and the guy interrupts it with the overhead basket swing).

Hardcore ownage of Q-Bee (!) by Rapter. Reminds me of the Umehara/Nelson Guy vs. Rolento Alpha 3 match (corner pressure madness). Notice how Rapter air dashes back with down+firece after knocking
Q-Bee down, to keep her in the corner. CAA’s Rapter is just terrifying, WTF can you do against this??

Victor (ranked lowest in Japan) pressures Bishamon (!) for the win. This guy’s Victor is awesome, he has a nice low jab/short -> low strong -> standing forward -> standing fierce combo. He wins matches in videos 91 and 92, as well, before Talbain takes him down in video 93.

Talbain bullsh!t dashing cross-ups and ambiguous beast cannons at their finest. Poor Jedah never stood a chance.

Anakaris’ bane: turtle Demitri.

CAA. Perfect. 'Nuff said.

You can tech hit, but you can’t hide…

Great analysis of the matchups.

I remember back @ EVO2K4 I had a chance to talk to Chikyuu about the Japanese Vampire Savior scene. He pretty much told me that CAA is the best Zabel/Raptor player in Japan he is even better than T2ya (tetsuya). He also said Sako is probably #1 Vampire Savior player in japan.

One of my favorite vids is #169. Great matchup between Sako and Takahashi (#1 talbain player).