100% resets and 50% no bar combos

cammy/tron is not low tier:rock:

a couple of dope combos…

in corner, launch+tron sj fk, then do her qcb+kick, when u land, do c.lk, s.fk and thats an easy 80+ dmg and sets up the following option tree for resets

as they fall down from s.fk, you can

jump up fp throw, c.lk into the same combo for a kill

early s.fk again and cancel this into her hooligan flip and then fp for a cheap grab

jump up to them while they block and delay lp,mp so that they have to land and block

-small note about the last option, when you get them grounded again here, you can call your tron and use cammys instant overhead(jump up lk as fast as you can press it) . do a kba combo and thats a dead character too.

-another option after jump lp,mp is to simply throw them

-if you let them wake up after the combo and they jump, hooligan flip will connect on them as they jump. airthrow is easily better because that = dead char.

  • i’m going to just call it the ho flip, it’s pretty good because u can cancel it with her kick variant, it has ridiculous priority because it’s hitbox is very solid. This also gives good blockstun for a silly set-up. if they stand still you can just throw them or c.lk, once they wise up, jump up with them mash fp for instant grab and that also = dead character.

Ho flip combo-(you have to do her late ho-flip fp grab for these to work, can’t combo after the crappy suplex)

this is also character dependant, some characters get pushed away too far for cammys jumping lk to connect after ho-flip. if you try this out and it doesn’t work on that specific character, you can simply dash in c.lk and use the first combo i posted.

k, actual combo is

ho-flip, jumping lk,+tron,mk,fp, now you re-jump and mash fp, this will instant grab them after them bounce from her air fp, it happens so fast that it’s pretty much a tech trap. very hard to get out of and it also = death with c.lk,launch sj fk,drill super.

this bitch is amazingly good.


speed + Mix up Game = Death :looney:


cammy is very nasty, i like her on Storm/Sentinel, gives other sentinel teams a run for there money cause of how cammy AAA comes out at that arc/speed/invicability.

Good post – people are ALWAYS sleeping on Cammy :wink:

I never use the hooligan, I might have to start working that in.

it is good for 3 reasons

you can cancel into her kick move(stupid priority)

it’s beastly damage if they get thrown by the late version

if they jump you get the other throw mid-air for a wake-up scenario

cammy has been bonkin people, shes really really good, better than doom bh ironman ect

edit: her dp move is the shit, in some scenarios vs trap teams who use normals+assist to lock you down, using her dp+tron is pretty nasty if you can predict the opponents rush.

a good guard break/-----this can work even if it’s vs somone who is just regular jumping away from you. best in corner.

jump uptowards the opponent then lk, delay mp or mk, combo fp. then fp will cause the opponent to slam to the ground and bounce, re-jump as the opponent bounces and mash fp for an instant grab, juggle into the combo i posted above for retard damage.

you can modify that basic blockstun series several ways(to counter people pushblocking you),

test it out

Cammy’s been my bitch from the start… nothin new

this shit has nothing to do with you then

thanks for being a beastly player who could help us scrubs if you knew how to post.

Naw Mixup, I didn’t mean it like that y0… just sayin that people are just now realizing how good cammy is in mvc2 that’s all like it’s a surprise. For real, i meant no disrespect. I respect your game and all. Are you gonna be hittin up the tourney scene again?

i wanted to leanr mag/storm/capcom but i absolutly hate having capcom as a last character to try and make a comback with.
and i like the dash in low attack launch magic series XX hyper Combo type characters

so im gonna try mag/storm/cammy

i know psy/cyke would be better on AAA but i want to try something different. my mags isnt uber pawnest anyways so i wouldnt be fully takin advantage of psylock and if i had cyke i would just pick cable sent cyke lol

storm LA XX LS DHC into Cammy’s wall jump hyper move does massive damage u would think that u DHC’ed into Proton Cannon or HSF