100% stun combo on Chun li?

how does this work? I’ve tried so many times and am not getting it, Arlieth says he can’t quite seem to get it, however Mike_Z says it’s “possible”, but very very difficult…
I’ve also read somewhere in the forums that instead of strong, you use jab as a fukiage during the normal combo for the first upper…
any thoughts?

the way chun falls… its very different timing to get the shoto-stun combo…

once i get it consistently… ill be of more help :smiley:

…you’ve gotten it before?

how is it done?

you said "once i get it consistently… ill be of more help "

i got it once… not on chun li though…

the combo is karakusa-fierce-SA2 -Roundhouse kara DP strong - jab DP

ive been practicing it a lot on chun li with no success. anyone know if its possible to get the elena-specific full stun on chun as well? seems like you can juggle chun REALLY low to the ground just like elena…

for now im just sticking to SA1 vs chun.

I’m working on a trick vs Chun SA1, but it requires me to react WITHIN 6 FRAMES. Ugh.

and a 3frame link in cvs2 is the easiest shit ever :wink: go figure, anyway, i can get the dp out no problem, but the dashes afterwards always seem to fail :frowning: i think i got it once on ryu the good kara dp but he fell REALLY deep, so i missed =/

I said react, not link. 3 frames to link is a lot of time. 6 frames for hit confirmation, however, is not.

Chun Li, for example, gets almost 14 frames to use her SA2.

lemme guess

tryin to punish c.mk ? :smiley:

:expressionless: 6 frames then is 1/10th second… that isnt possible? :expressionless:

to get it on chun, both DP’s are jab.

C Royd, hows the stun damage on that?
is it almost in stun, or a pixel away from stun

because you could just do early axe kick, late DP combo instead if it not full…and chun is still a bitch