100% Stun Combo on Elena, NO EX

Karakusa Elena -> Heavy Punch (HP) -> Abare Tosonami -> dash reverse MP Fukiage -> Kara S.LK into LP Fukiage. I think the LK cancelled to a LP Fukiage will move Makoto a bit over to where Elena is falling and she’ll get hit by the 2nd uppercut. If you can’t do this, and you have enough EX and feel like wasting it. You can do the EX Fukiage normally to wherever she falls, it moves forward as well, stunning Elena. This also works on Q but it won’t stun him do to his big stun bar. I’ve seen J Makoto pull it off on TK (Q) before. It’s hard to see in “Master Class Makoto 2” on youtube where the LK is cancelled, but if you look carefully at the bottom of the screen when Elena/Q falls you’ll notice Makoto’s knee pops out (which is her standing LK) at the bottom of the screen.