$100 to whoever can help me get 2nd topango league stream 2012



I missed the last Topanga league. I spend several hours trying to navigate the “awful” nico nico system… I had trouble with the payments. The site rejects certain credit cards. Long story short. I spend hours and hours and reading threads on the nico points etc. And I still never got to fully get to see the event in real time. Unless you can read japanese your gonna have a hard time getting through the pay site. I have read the nico point guides and still its frustrating to get through.

SO my last resort is that I pay someone to do it for me. I would only pay someone who is a long term member here with good standings or a MOD. We can negotiate the arrangement. I can send the cash through an online pay source.

I’m just a big fan trying to watch good comeptition.


email me here