1000 PP Klub!



Holla atcha boi! just hit the 1000 PP klub last night! Only to realize I still can’t operate my stick from the 1P side lol… back to training mode I go…

I am excited though… means I am getting better, even though I always feel like I suck lol.


Congrats man! I remember that feeling. I’ve been at 2000PP for a while myself and am working on getting to 3000PP.

Getting to 2000PP doesn’t require as much work as you might think, you do have to have very good execution for at least some AAs, as well as your max punish and BNB, and decent knowledge of matchups of course. Getting to 3000PP seems to require the same but at a near perfect level, ie almost NO drops or matchup errors. Also, at the 3000PP level spacing knowledge becomes critical if not decisive.

Basically, you’d be surprised at how far you can go with strong, basic fundamentals. Gimmicks and char spec combos etc really don’t help at the sub 3000PP level IMO, not nearly as much as knowing what to punish and how for example.


Thanks man… been practicing hard… 2 hours/night 4-5 nights/week. and I still suck lol… I am getting better though. I can tell. Really bad players still give me a hard time though. My friend just spams jumping roundhouse->crouching roundhouse to death with Ken and Blanka and I cant AA with JK so that’s really frustrating, but hey… I’ve only been playing since ultra came out a few months ago, so hopefully I keep improving.


well… aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand now I’m back to 600… I realized that I’m really probably only about 500-700 pp player for real, but can rank up when I keep getting lower pp players to play so it was not a “REAL” 1000pp. I’m still working though.


With people below 1000pp they usually dont stay still, they always wanna do something. So just have patience and anti air them, that’s where you’ll get most of your damage with them. Let them kill themselves. And be prepared for the hate mail.


aaaaah… thanks man… I was kinda starting to see that too. I’m gonna get on that tomorrow. probably won’t get to play today, and then I’ll probably be playing DESTINY tomorrow, but I’ll still get me at least like a half hour of ultra in :wink: