1080i on PS3


Did anyone figure out how to run the game at 1080i on the ps3 version?

ive posted the same question at aksysgames and dustloop


Your TV has to support it and you have to set your PS3 to recognize a 1080i signal. If that doesn’t work, wait for the patch?


You can force it go to display options in the PS3 dashboard then do custom and uncheck all other options but 1080i or 1080p whichever you have.


Did you guys actually get it to run at 1080i? If so can you give me the exact steps you did?

This is the only game that wont go to 1080i. I tried playing 1080p games (pixeljunk monsters and gt5:prologue) with 1080p disabled and 1080i enabled and the game will run at 1080i just fine. Playstation home (natively 720p) will even run at 1080i when 720p is disabled.

I guess I might have to wait for a patch or hope a pc version comes out.

Ive found another thread at gamefaqs with a few other people that are trying to get this to work. Unfortunately that thread is full of “720p vs. 1080i” and no actual answer.


im confused, is the game native 1080, or you just want to play 1080 games on your ps3? I thought the game was 720 native?


the game is natively 720p. But on the back of the case it says it supports both 720p and 1080i.


No 1080i ps3 blazblue? WTF?

I am having the same trouble. I have an old HDTV that only supports 480p and 1080i. One of the biggest reasons I ended up buying this game was because it said that it supported 1080i on the back of the box! All of my other games that say 1080i on the back of the box play fine. I’ve been looking on forums everywhere and nobody seems to have an answer. I have emailed and called aksys tech support and they have yet to answer. If this is all just a misprint on the back of the box, then I’m going to be crazy pissed!


It’s not a misprint; my game runs in 1080i just fine. I have no idea why some people are having issues. :frowning:


im having the same problem i wonder what the solution is…


My game seems very pixelated on my 360, which on the back of the box says it supports 720p/1080i/1080p.

WTF is going on? I’ve tried switching the resolution, switching settings…wtf? I see very sharp videos online, and if this game is supposed to be in High Def, then it should be smooth looking on my 42 inch HD tv.

Or am I off on this assumption?


I can not get 1080i to work on my PS3 either. It is the only game as well that does not work for me. I have 1080i checked in the display settings but it just goes back to 480p or 480i if the 480p is not checked.


Now on my 360 (yes I purchased on both ps3 and xbox 360) it works fine in 1080i.


If your TV doesn’t support 720p, the PS3 will lower the resolution to something the TV can handle. It won’t bump the image to 1080i.

An old IGN article covers it.


Um, you guys do know 720p is better than 1080i right? (unless you’re tv is 42+).

Err, anyway, I haven’t noticed any issues, I did note the game looked like …uhh…rather, had a lower res than most GG games, made me a sad panda.


Lower res than GG games? The game runs native 768p or something of that nature. Anyways, running it in 1080i is important for TVs that have 1080 natural resolution. If the game is running in 720p on a TV that’s 1080 natural resolution, there’s going to be visual lag.


Now I play enough PC games to know that resolution is resolution. I can tell 1920 x 1080 on a 24 inch. Hell, back in the days, I could tell on my trinitron 1600 x 1200 vs. 1024 x 768 so that 42+ BS is for folks who can’t see. Assuming the picture is a great picture with great examples of detail in the picture then I could tell. If it is a DVD movie that is being upscaled to 1080i or P or 720P then it is very difficult but games usually are one of the few mediums that can show differences in resolution well.

In fact, just yesterday I went to my Nephews house and he was playing Team Fortrees 2 on a 1680 x 1050 screen but playing at a lower resolution and I immediately asked him why he was playing it at that. When He checked it was essentially 720P he was playing at (1280 x 800 60Hz) and I had him switched.

With that said, for fighting games it might be useful to have a progressive picture, otherwise, I’ll take the 1080i picture 99% of the time.


kind of late but http://www.aksysgames.com/2009/07/09/blazblue-1080i-errata/


For what it’s worth the Asian packaging doesn’t have this misprint. Dunno how Aksys let that happen, but then again sometimes these things slip through.


correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t 1080i basically just 540p? 2x 540p images interlaced. I had also thought that 720p > 1080i for this reason, that 720p > 540p.

On the PC, resultion is resolution is resolution, and everything is basically progressive. So 1680x1050 is 1050p, and 1280x800 is 800p. There is no interlaced I thought.

Now I have no idea where the unless your TV is 42+ comes from. I have a 57" and my AV friend tells me 720p is still better.

Of course if downscaling introduces lag then that is a whole other beast.


1080I is still 1920x1080, but of course interlaced doesn’t look as good as progressive. For example NFL games are broadcast as 1080i on ABC, NBA are 720p afaik. There really isn’t a big different on picture quality to most people. More often than not 720p looks better than 1080i (really depend on who compares it imo) Unlike 1080p vs 1080i which 1080p is the clear winner.

There really ain’t that many true 1080p games. It appears the game doesn’t support 1080i anyways.