11/09 3S Tourney Results (?)

After about six and a half hours at Einstein’s-Rockin’-Arcade, the winners were decided. (Shout-outs to Josh, Neal, and Ken!) Regretfully and at no fault of anyone’s, both of the cabinets’ right-side controls decided to stop functioning at the last semi-finals match.

Therefore, instead of having to reschedule another time for the last 4 matches, the top four players, tourney manager (Marcelo - spelled with one “L”), and scorekeeper (I) decided to award the two undefeated players each 30% of the registration fee pool, and the two players with each one loss got 20% of the pool. (Haha, sorry, guys, I couldn’t do math on paper. Thanks for helping me out. I’m super-retarded even though I’m an accounting major.) :confused:

Congratulations to the winners! (Apologies if I spell someone’s name wrong…)
1st place - Sun Park (Austin) & Mark Rogoyski (Pflugerville)
2nd place - Sean Choe (Austin) & Chris McArthur (Austin)

A not-so-random story:
One day, some time ago, I sat down with Marcelo and discussed what to do about the paper version of bracketing we’d used to pair up players in the first tourney we co-ran since many players complained about double jeopardy. (Hey, I’m a newbie: I didn’t know what that was initially.) So we searched around on Google to try and find some sort of free software to randomly pair up players. I only found a couple (I think b/c I just didn’t know what key words to search for) and tested them both to see how they ran. I picked the one that was most functional and used it for the next tourney. It worked great! No double jeopardy. The only problem I had with it at the time was that the password function (you know, type in a password to go back and edit brackets) did not work at all. (No matter if you typed in the correct/incorrect pw, the proggie would flick you off and say that you typed the wrong pw.)

At today’s tourney, I decided to use the same bracket creator proggie. Everything seemed to be going well until all the first round losers were dropped from the program. Huh?? Evidently, the program messed up, and I had to end up scribbling brackets on a sheet of notebook paper anyway. I apologize for not knowing where to find better programs or how to write one myself, but I’m definitely not sorry for the programmer’s fault for making a program that I or the tournament players could not depend on 100%.

I’m going to take Dr. Deelite’s suggestions on tourney management since I was not previously aware of them, and I hope I can help run the next 3s tourney better! If anyone else has suggestions on where to look for tourney programs other than www.shinakuma.com and www.playpool.com, please post your replies. Thanks!

See you next time, and thanks for coming! :smiley:

3 out of 5 rounds per match turned out to be way too long. Tournament was fun, it was a shame about the sticks.