11/14 CVS2 at the Break Results!

I know everyone wants to know what happened so here;
turnout: 8 or 7 i dunno pretty bad
1st. Robert Sigley K Eagle/Yamazaki/Sagat, Raiden/Geese/Ken
2nd. Jerry Hong N Chun Li/Sagat/Blanka or Geese/S/B
3rd. Phi N R4 Sagat, Ryu/Bison/Blanka/Sagat
4th Todd C Ryu/Rolento/Blanka

dunno the rest, winners finals was 2-1 me over jerry, finals 3-2 so coulda went either way

More people should come and play CVS2 :slight_smile:

Congrats on your win Rob, you can make it two in a row tomorrow. Glad to see non top tier (except for Sagat) beat Jerryโ€™s top tier teams, haha.