11/15 CVS2 at Rutgers Results!


Was weird, we expected 10 people and 10 people showed up but wasn’t the ten we expected (just a bunch of random people and if people who said don’t worry i’m coming came woulda had like 20 people but that always happens). So was pretty cool new comp and stuff. Here’s the results:

1st Robert Sigley K Raiden/Yamazaki/Sagat, Geese/Blanka/Sagat (I sold out!)
2nd Jerry Hong N Chun-Li/Blanka/Sagat
3rd Henry “Siefer” Kim P Yun/E Honda/Blanka, A Athena/Mai/Iori
4th Bai C Guile/Bison/Vega
5th Sly C (?) Iori, Terry, Kim
5th Eric No idea
7th Andrew N Cammy/Hibiki/Ryu
7th Kai no idea
9th Jason C Rugal, Ken, Sagat

Jerry got put in the losers by Seifers P Groove
Winner’s finals was me 2-0 over Siefer
Grandfinals was me 3-0 over Jerry

Was a pretty good turnout for first tournament hope to see everyone in a couple weeks for the next one


In my first match against Sly, I used A Yuri/Mai/Rolento, but I don’t think anyone cares.

Rob’s K-groove is too good, he owned me in winner’s. (I used K Cammy/Sagat/Blanka against Rob in the 2nd game of finals, my top tier sucks)

Bai has gotta stop his roll into super whoring.

Jerry has felt the power of P-groove…oh yea…

Looking forward to the next tournament, we need a Rage of the Dragons tournament, Jimmy and Lynn are too powerful. That fat guy kinda looks silly though…Rob you see the RotD combo movie at gamecombos? Billy/Sonia 60 hit 100% combo.



Rob can you stop beating up on bums plzzz. I own your K groove, lemme know the next RU tourney and ill beat you.


yea too bad like 95% of the combos were corner only off of the background but they were still pretty cool. Have to convince the owner to take out bust a move and put that in there :slight_smile:

Killerviet: People here are good, if you came doubt you woulda got top 4 or 5 :slight_smile:


Hmmm… lemm think, i can beat you, and you won the tournament. Top 5? ahahaha i would win that shit easy, your k groove kinda sux.


killervi3t dont talk shit to rob only desmond and justin. and ken if you feel like it.


it’s ok josh he can talk trash it’s fun, just like how at summer jam or whatever i just played around against him cause i knew he had no money and I didn’t want him stealing anymore money from the money the Canadian’s gave him for the hotel room, or how he didn’t brush his teeth or change clothes for 3 days, etc :slight_smile:


Didnt take no money and i was owning the shit out you, what was it like 12-4, also 3 days hahaaa your dumb. Lets see took a shower and brushed my teeth friday morning before sj, then saturday no shower and no brushed teeth, then sunday got home and took a shower and brushed my teeth, dumb ass in college, how the fuck you get 3 out of one, well maybe cuz I owned you. NYC also, and josh stfu you gay biotch, you suck too.


ok you were in the arcade for 3 days with same clothes, no shower, and didn’t brush your teeth during the whole time you were there


thats disgusting


Im poor and dirty as hell but it still wasnt 3 days man. maybe 1 and a half. AND GUM AND DEODERANT MAN.

Omg rob you made a new screen name just to say thats disgusting and make it look as if you got someone on your side:lame:


haha no i didn’t i’m not that bored


I’d own all you bitches and i don’t play cvs2!

~this is kinda fun:lol:


Quiet Mixup, You cant even beat me in mvc2, damn scrub you are.


Daaaaaammmnn youuuuu Siefer! All this negative energy, your freakin voodoo tricks screwed up my tournament play. I can’t believe I let you have a tin AOL case complete with subscription offer. =( I bet by now you’re basking in your free 1000 hours that actually belong to me.

Oh thanks for coming out everyone (I’m sure you all read SRK). Especially Kai, for coming even though you’ve never played a round of CVS2. Your mashing was too top tier. I might have another tournament some day, the people (all 10 of them) have spoken, long live Rutgers CVS2.

Rob, the former president of the Rutgers Student Union to Make CVS2 Recognized on the East Coast (RSUMCVS2REC) is fired because he stole my tournament victory.



i wish i knew that yall cats were trowing a tourney over there. i wouldve came cause i know where thats at


we’re having another one on Dec 6th I think


what are you guys nuts? NEC is on the 6th dont go to bullshit rutgers tournament when NEC3 starts. theres a team tournament that friday.


i would goto team tournament but i got no place to stay friday or sat, so prollly gonna just go saturday come back sat night and if i’m doing good go back sunday :frowning:

and i don’t think jerry is going to NEC, and people who go here don’t know about NEC


just stay at my house. i only live 20 minutes away and i got a car. plus i got a DC and 1 MAS stick and i banned all MvC2 discs from my house.