11.16.02 SVGL GGXX results


#1 tragic (Potemkin, Baiken, Faust)
#2 I.D. (Sol, I-No, Chipp)
#3 Buktooth (Axl, Millia)
#4 Mouko (Venom)

About 20 or so entered. Too bad the SJSU players didn’t show up, it woulda been even cooler!



I didn’t know u use baiken


My favorite part of the tourney was the guy who showed up, beat the crap out of me, and then left.

Forgot his name, though. He also beat the crap out of me in KOF 2002.

Oh, and ben, my account is still awaiting activation at gamecombos. I really can’t understand what’s wrong.

Then name is the same as this account.