11/16 GGXX Results @ The Break


Jiyuna summed it up so here’s his post because it’s accurate. only 6 people showed up much love to all the people who posted they’re coming and made us wait for your ass to show up cept you didn’t.
I hate that baby with a trumpet. So we had Round Robin, tied up 4-1, another one cept whoever wins most rounds wins, tied up still, single elim tourney to determine winner finally have one

Round Robin Tournament-Best out of 3 rounds/matches

1st(tie)- andrew, rob sigley, mynusdono

hmm…mynus beats andrew, andrew beat rob, rob beats mynus…ok we’ll try again

Second Round Robin Tournament-1 match,5 rounds

1st(tie)- andrew, rob sigley, mynusdono

again…mynus beats andrew,andrew beat rob, rob beats mynus…we each won 5 rounds…

Special Number Guessing Tournament
1st- rob sigley, number 4(correct number)
2nd- andrew, number 7
3rd- mynusdono, number 8

Single Elimination Tournament-Best out of 3 rounds/matches
2nd-rob sigley (faust)
3rd andrew (johnny, sol)

rob got a bye for being the number champion, so andrew plays mynusdono and lose 2-1, then he goes on to beat rob 2-0…mynusdono is the winner!..finally


So much for career threatening injury…

are you gonna show up at tea time in State College?


maybe but prollly not it’s so early 1pm i don’t wake up til like 3


bah :stuck_out_tongue: We are probably starting at 2 PM… but the goal is to start at 1 PM.


oh maybe is there a place to get a good caesar’s salad near there or like a Wendy’s where I can get like three caesar salads

oh here’s the complete results

chaz - 4 wins - 1 loss
andrew - 4 wins - 1 loss
robert sigley - 4 wins - 1 loss
liston - 2 wins - 3 loss
matt - 1 win - 4 loss
davy - 0 wins - 5 loss

then tiebreaker and other crap is up top


Are you talking to me? there’s a wendy’s like 10 mins away (walking) from where we are hosting the tournaments


people arriving at 2pm will be entered, but given 2 automatic losses, which kinda sux since its dbl elim, but its good for the pot. If you have a cell get someone else’s cell that will be there and we might wait till 1:15 or so. If you don’t have a cell, then be there by 1.




i got ripped off…

sigley’s going down next time…i’ve been working on number 6:cool: