11-16 SVGL Results

SFA3 27 People
1st John “ChoiBoy” Choi A-Guy, V-Sakura
2nd David “Gunter” Dial A/V-Zangief
3rd Alex “CaliPower” Valle V-Ryu
4th Kim “ohayo1234” Hahn V-Sakura

SF3 3S 44 People
1st Alex “CaliPower” Valle Ken
2nd John “ChoiBoy” Choi Ken, Ryu
3rd John D Urien
4th Eric “Zim” Choi Ken

Super Turbo 34 People
1st Jason “rolentox” Nelson Dhalsim, Bison
2nd John “ChoiBoy” Choi Ryu, Guile, O. Sagat
3rd David Sirlin Dhalsim, Vega
4th Tong “Genghis” Ho

CvS2 Singles 39 People
1st Campbell “buktooth88” Tran N-Iori, Morrigan, Hibiki
2nd John “ChoiBoy” Choi N-Ryu, Chun Li, Sagat
3rd Alex “Sin” Salguero C-Blanka, Vega, Yamazaki
4th Jason “rolentox” Nelson A-Sakura, Bison, Rolento/K Sagat, Balrog, Bison

CvS2 2on2 Teams 20 Teams
1st John Choi/Jason Nelson C-Ryu/Sagat
2nd Shadyk/Mikey Rasphone N-Ryu/Chun
3rd Nick Ballantine/Doug N Vega/Ryu
4th Darith/Dave N Cammy/Mai

Thanks to all the people that helped run the various tournaments, including management and the players. There might be some mistakes in this report, especially with characters used. Please correct them as needed. Thanks to everyone for coming out and hope to see you guys next time!

MvC2 Results
1st “Genghis” Tong Ho - Sent/Cable/Capcom, Sent/Cable/Doom
2nd Long “ShadyK” Tran - Mag/Storm/Psy, Mag/Storm/Sent
3rd Mikey “broly7817” Rasphone - Sent/Storm/Capcom
4th Randy “NanoBoi” Lew - Sent/Cable/Capcom

San Diego Top 3 (kinda)! crazy

Mikey beat Genghis, and had Shady 2-0 when Shady came back to win 3-2. Genghis battled his way back through NanoBoi, Mikey and then defeated Shady 4-2 4-2.

ShadyK put SiN in losers and SiN left early and was DQed.

Note : After this tournament, Genghis is 12-0 against Clockw0rk in tournament play. He has not lost a single round =O

Clockw0rk is still my hero and pwns me for free :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

props to Genghis. Don’t worry Clock. You’ll get him someday. :stuck_out_tongue:

wow…one machine… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:
that musta pwned

44 players for 3s? That’s pretty good…

Nice turnout for 3s! Higher than any other game!

Any chance there will be some vids released?


the hells my name in mvc2, i won matches :confused:

44 ppl playing 3S and john d gets 3rd??? Thats fucking amazing… I’m proud of you bro

wOO hOO mR. uRiEn!! Moorpark Skillz!! Although you’re crazy for driving down there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Everyone was surprised by John D’s Urien. He even told me he is a scrub in Sol Cal. That shocked me.

I was gonna bring my camcorder to SVGL, but I forgot. @_@. Besides, there were so many people in the arcade, couldn’t even find a place to put a tripod. DBA, please use tripod when u film the matches at N-Cubed. Thanks. I can’t make it this year, but I’ll try to make it at next year’s Midwest.

Sorry about leaving early. I was hungry, tired, and just not in the mood to play Capcom games that day so I took off. SVGL needs another MvC2 badly…

yeah…jon’s urien was solid…

Dam 44???

anyway we can find out the full results of the tournament? just 3S… just want to know where we all stand.

Shit?! Nice turnout. 44 peeps! Ugh, Bucktooth’s team. Thats sounds like a bitch to fight against.

Peace Out
Super Good

Man, if you were gonna leave, you coulda let me win first round :stuck_out_tongue: Oh well, I had to beat like a billion people in losers just go get 9th… only to lose a close one to Genghis. <sigh> Oh well. Couple of you Nor Cal players are hella good… Mike Rasphone, NanoBoi… you guys are hella good. Props to you.

is it possible to put the top 10 - 20 rankings for the 3s tourney John?? or anyone?? thanks!! There were hella people there for 3s so…if possible…

John D rules.