11-16 SVGL Results

5th Peter “Mouko” Nguyen
5th Jason “rolentox” Nelson
7th Hiroshim Irby
7th Joe Le
9th Brian F
9th Campbell “buktooth88” Tran
9th Jason “Dirty” Cole
9th Dave!
13th Jerry
13th Simon Luong
13th Ray
13th Joey “Mrwizard” Cuellar

Wow, such a HUGE turnout for 3s! What was i thinking, when i asked john if this tourny would even surpass 17 entries. They more then doubled that!! Too bad i did very poorly, but i give props to everyone there. There were TONS of good players there, i’m just on the low end of the tier. Maybe we can get some more 3s tournies at SVGL. Just a suggestion since the turnout was so great.:cool:

Yah, that was weird. I thought I was done with the tourney but they called me for another match. I didn’t know they combined people from top of brackets in another bracket. I was confused but whatever. I wasn’t running the tourney. I just followed directions. No problem about the beer and chips. It’s the food of champions after any hard day. :smiley: See you next time.

cool, thanx choi for the 3s results!:smiley:

anyone get owned by the 911 chicken challenge?

I didn’t get to play Choi in A3… :frowning:

And to that guy playing A-Rose, who I think asked me how to beat Akuma’s divekick: you can either to jump jab (and then cc Soul Throw or super), or you can just do a super.

I got hit with IM’s infinite because my super didn’t come out, even though it would have landed and let me DHC for a lot of damage. I tried to air dash upwards with Storm, but instead got a whiffed SJ fierce, and got AHVBd for it.
But none of that matters. You know why?
Because I landed Shin Shoryuken -> Hail Storm. Awwww yeeeaaaah.

Anyway, Clockw0rk was put into loser’s by Mikey from Sacramento (3rd place MvC2, 2nd place CvS2 team tourney) if anyone cares. That Chun Li is scary as hell…

Good tournament, hopefully will be able to travel down to SVGL and play you guys again sometime.

lol, that was fucking cool :smiley:

Cluck U chicken pwnz me for free! :lol:

i tried it. but it was too much. damn chicken. always wins!!!

wut happened to valle in super turbo and cvs2?