11/2 University Pinball CVS2 Results

1st Josh Wong
2nd Alex Anderson
3rd Julian Robinson
4th Mike Bailey
5th Kaliek Thomas
5th ?

yeah there wasnt a MvC2 tournament so i decided to win CvS2 instead.

nice job josh, what team did you use?

I knew you would eventually tak over cvs2 josh. Too good! I never could beat that k groove geese.


josh wong is too damn powerful. its about time julien lost, it’s only been a year since he lost a cvs2 weekly.

thanks ves, sean, furby. i know i’m too powerful. eric said no more mvc2 tournaments because theres no point in holding mvc2 and cvs2 when i own them both now. so we’re having cvs2 and ST? whatever i’ll just learn that dumb game and make eric change his tournaments around again. anyways teams were…

Josh - K rolento/bison/2sagat
K ryu/sagat/2geese
A rolento/bison/2geese

Alex - A bison/cammy/2sagat
C bison/cammy/2sagat

Julian - S chang/bison/2balrog
C bison/chang/2blanka

alex stole my cvs2 team… you bums better hold at least hold one more marvel tourney before nec3… I’m rustier than rick…

you should start playing a 2-point geese and a 2-point sagat, too powerful :lol:. i get my car back wednesday so me and jason and jeff are gonna come to philly and play mvc2, cvs2, mk2, mk3 and some 3s if it’s there.

p.s. - dont stop mvc2 cause i think people still wanna play it(like me and damian.)

Hmm, well julian did have to play like 3 people straight, and especially after that mix up where he had to play alex. I wanted to see somebody else win cvs2, but that was totally unfair to julian. He was dead tired, and had to play like 9 times straight:lame:

Josh, you are good in cvs2 and i think you are like 3rd best in that game right now. But julian is still on top.

About the mvc2 tourney thing, i could care less about that. It all started over a argument about mick being able to beat me in mvc2. HAHA! Eric, keeps forgetting I can’t stand mick at all. That was why i got mad when eric was telling me mick can do this, and that:bluu: I really don’t like him at all eric, that was why i got mad, not about mvc2. Mick is a UP staff member for crying out loud:mad:

Then it got worst when we were arguing about sanford, cause eric said i got a lucky win over sanford, and he said josh couldn’t beat sanford. I said yeah josh can beat him, and then it went back and forth then developed to something bigger.

So eric said he would pay sanford’s way to come to philly this week on sat, but now since eric is having no mvc2 tourney, me and josh can’t play sanford.

Well, i was talking to kaliek in the car when we were driving home. I told him that it wasen’t worth me, and josh arguing with eric like that. I told him, that eric never did nothing wrong to me so i had no reason to argue. In plus, the reason’s were pointless.

I just wanted to apollogize to eric for all of that worthless screaming, in plus i strained my voice:o

damn julian had to play more than 1 match to get to the finals and he ends up in third, that’s crazy :slight_smile:

good job Josh :smiley:

I’ll beat j wong in cvs2 on sat.

This means i must come back and play with my new S Groove. Julian will never win again.

Congrats Josh. Is Eric for real that there’ll be no more MvC2 tourneys at UP? I’ll check back in the Tournament Events page before I come up. We should still get together to play even if there’s no tournament though.

just a question, i hope i dont get flamed for.
not that ill really pay attention or anything, but

how is julian on top of cvs2 if bmorechun beat him while half drunk and left or something?
isnt that how it happened? i dunno i wasnt there.
or is that on top of cvs2 in philly since bmore isnt from there.
just wondering.

Julian simply isnt that good. Plus he plays with low tier characters and grooves a lot of the times.

Man…stop hating on julian. Why is it that julian plays like once a week and still able to beat you guys? Why is it that every one of you fukking obsesses over what the best player in cvs2 is doing, what John Choi did in that big tourney or what the japanese are trying to do and all these bullshit, but still can’t beat julian’s x-ism shit? Leave him the fukk alone people…I bet if someone sat down and actually showed julian some of the shit that you guys pretend to know, then you wouldn’t talk like to him anymore. Just leave him the fukk alone…Im so tired of people talking smack on him on shoryuken. If y’all got question for julian and why he is so good even though he sucks, come to philly and ask him. Just because Josh talk shit on julian doesn’t mean every other cvs2 player can do the same. Philly vs Philly is just healthy competition…

Yeah josh you should beat julian in ST and MK2 next.Ahaa.

Julian bashing…

As terribly as roger and i get along, i have to agree with him about how you guys talk smack on julian. ( Did this guy just say SMACK!!!) I seriously doubt that he practices marvel or cvs2 or ST or mk2, but he’s still the best, or at the very least, top 3…top 3 meaning marvel. If i had a favorite player, it would be julian. You say he plays low tier characters and grooves like it’s a bad thing. Maybe i’m wrong, but imo, the skill is playing S groove dahlsim, and mecha-zangief and holding your shit amongst magneto and sentinel players. My props are out to Julian, cause he knows the deal.

P.S. I’ll try to be there sat, even if there isn’t a marvel tourny. It’s been too long since i’ve played the real competition, plus i want to show Rugal how to play marvel. Also, can anyone tell me if wayne has been there lately? His trap teams are like clockwork.

Teach Me.

You are not Japanese! You are not a Tenaka!

You said uzing any deknique dat werk, to keep an open MIND!


To honoUr you, shidoshi.

Next scene:ZOH!

Teach me marvel are you sure jester? I don’t even play that game.

But I’ll teach you how to play marvel matter of fact we should play for money.