11/23 Montreal results


cvs 2 :

1 - Prez “I wanna retire like Jwong” a-naku/vega/rolento/sim/reagle
2 - Veasna (Heero) “Rush down master” n-ryu/chun-li/blanka/sagat
3 - Sotha (Kicko) “RC master” a-mai/vega/reagle/rolento
4 - Tony (Temujin) “Upset that shit” a or c-cammy/hao/sakura
5 - JFL a - hao/guile/vega/balrog
5 - Jason “K-groove master” k-team hp
7 - Sebastien (Nagen)
7 - Mony (smoke…)
9 - William (flowcus)
9 - Igotana

Notes :

  • Tony added one more upset in his book after eliminating JFL form the tournament 2-1. JFL couldn’t handle tony’s cheap ass RCs :lol:
  • Veasna got his revenge from last tourney, he beat sotha in the winners brackets 2-0 and in the finals of the losers bracket 3-2.
  • Prez beat jfl in the semi finals of the winners bracket.
  • Jason is getting better and better, all of his matches VS prez and sotha were close, watch out for this guy, I’m pretty sure he’ll soon place top3.
  • Prez beat veasna 3-1 in the finals of the winners brackets, and 2-4 4-2 in the grand finals. All of their matches were Prez runs away, veasna chases him down :lol: that was funny.
  • The funniest moment though was the final match of the tournament. Veasna was despret cause he was losing, so after he grabed prez he went for that lvl3 blancka super that crosses you up when you wake up, he had nothing to lose. However, Prez magicly blocked that shit and yelled “You crazyy !!!” :lol: funny style.
  • Prez wants to retire and make a turtling book “how to turtle - the prez way” :lol:

A3 :

1 - Tony (Temujin) v-sakura
2 - Sebastien (Nagen) v-akuma
3 - Prez x-sim
4 - Money (smoke…)
5 - William (flowcus)
5 - Igatona
7 - Hing

Notes :

  • Prez forfeited.
  • Tony beat sebastien in the grand finals 4-1. After Sebastien won a matche, Tony turned around and said I will double perfect this guy :lol: the funniest thing is that he ended up losing perfect in the first round :lol: :lol:

P.S.: There was no mvc2 tournament du to low tournout.


is this sakura with a demon flip ? ok akuma with a cheap standing roundhouse ?


:lol: :lol: it’s a mix of both :stuck_out_tongue:

I fixed it :slight_smile:


blanka cross up super?
it only works on ppl who never seen it before
coughtemujincough :slight_smile:

my master prez is too good, he knows everything…
“cammy cannon drill, balrog will Ching” -Master Prez

and congrats to heero for doing so well…


Wow can’t believe Veas raped sotha… oh well good that he got his revenge from last time. he prolly won cuz I wasn’t there to teach sotha my advanced tactics… yes… that would be the only reason I can think of.
Jason is pretty good! prolly the best K groove in Montreal.

Thanks MasterKen for posting the results. you are so lucky that there wasn’t a MVC2 tournaments! otherwise I would have laughed at you for finishing last hahaha. next mvc2 tournament I’ll make u play Js Master first round. that would be the title of the real MASTER.

ok guys don’t forget, next tourny CVS2, MVC2, 3S and A3 January 4th!


hey atleast i dont get own by prez, i won the first set 4-2 and did well the second set, me and prez are 3-3 after the last 3 tournament in mira but he his dead next tourney so im the best:D


I do well in almost every tourney so dont need to congrat me, kid


GO CANADIANS!!! oh yeah i’m joshwong btw. my new sn is because i wanna be a turtlefiend like prez.


haha josh, you wanna be a turtling piece of shit :lol: all you have to do is a lot of jump backs :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S.: XXL is a complete retard, I don’t know why I’m still talking about this guy, heh.


Re: Re: 11/23 Montreal results

hahah talk shit for free


MasterKen is a scrub, that’s why it’s so fun laughing at him


I didn’t want to post this from the begining, but xxl forced me, so here I’ll just copy/past what I said in another thread :

XXL is a scrub and wants to call me a scrub to make himself feel better, but he has nothing to back up his shit :lol:
and oh yeah, one more thing, talking shit is his favorite hobby, even at work :lol: That’s why I added him in my ignored list, he’s the most annoying guy in montreal.


I live in montreal, and i would like to participate in a tournement. I would appreciate if anyone could hook me up. Thank you.


check out the Montreal thread in the matchmaking forum.


this is mtl’s next tournament