[11/27/2010] Columbia,SC Bi-Weekly Battles: SSFIV and KOF2002 UM


The Cola tournament scene is back with a newly opened venue at Maddness gaming! If you’re apart of the Columbia scene or your just looking for competition, come out and show your support! The venue has tons of space, drinks, and arcade machines to play in the back. There will be a justin.tv live stream for this event and the brackets will be updated through challonge.com.

Maddness Gaming
4760 Hardscrabble rd. Suite 104-105
Columbia, SC, 29229
P: 803-419-0151

Registration: 12:30pm - 1pm
**Start time(s): **
Super Street Fighter 4 Teams: 1pm
KOF 2002UM Singles: 1pm
Super Street Fighter 4 Singles: 2pm
Side Tourney [TBA]: 3pm

Venue Fee: $5
70/20/10 Pot Split
80/20 Teams Split

entry fee: $5 | system: PS3
Double Elimination
2/3 rounds, 3/5 semi, finals
Players can switch Ultra’s/Characters

entry fee: $10/team | system: PS3
Double Elimination
2v2 Waseda Style

entry fee: $3 | system: 360
Double Elimination
3v3 matches
2/3 rounds, 3/5 semi, finals

If there is enough interest, we can also have side tourneys for other games like Tekken 6, Blazblue: Continuum Shift or whatever game you guys want.

SSFIIT:HD Remix removed
3v3 is now a 2v2
Start times changed up a few hours, thanks to Madness Gaming :slight_smile:


Damn it all, I gotta work on that day.



You can count me in!


I have a speacil guest I liked to invite if thats ok.


EL Hat will be there


Is there a reason why the times are so late?


Hey Jag is there anyway to put those times like at least two hours sooner cause I definitely want to come but the only tournament I could enter being street fighter I would have to leave for work before we even start.


@ GigaDukeBug: Hopefully, you can make it to the next one. There will be more to come
@ D.Hat: Glad to see I’ve got your support. I wanna see your Vega rollin’ people XD
@ Darksylux: I can’t even remember the last time or if I’ve ever met you IRL. It’ll be nice to see you :slight_smile:
@ Xavier/Zerog: The venue doesn’t open until 1pm, so I wanted to take an hour to setup stations and test the stream before we started registration. However, since I plan on coming up to Madness this weekend to do some stream test, what I could do is change registration from 2pm-3pm to 1:30pm-2pm. 30 minutes to get setups ready should be fine (1pm-1:30pm). That’s the best I can do.


Question: would people be willing to do $10 for SSF4 or is it not that popular in the area?


$5 is what we’ve always had for our past tournaments, so I just kept it that way. Also, SSFIV pulls in the most of our people.


Update: The guys at Madness gaming were actually nice enough to let us open the venue earlier, so the tournament can start at 1pm.


Should be there. :frowning: at no tekken or hdr unless people want to play. ummmmmmmmmmmmm brings riot shield for hate.


lol, I was thinking about replacing HDR with Tekken 6, but I just ended up not including it at all. Hell, if we can get any other game with an 8 man bracket, I’ll run a tournament for it.


The tournament is only one week away. GET HYPE!!!


Needs more Mortal Kombat.


They’ve actually got a UMK3 machine at Maddness to play on :slight_smile:


Do we need to preregister? I’m actually in SC this weekend. I wanna go, but I"m not sure if i’ll be able to make it. Are walk-ins ok? Planning on participating in the singles SSF4 if I go. Is there a certain time that I need to make it by to make sign up?


@keiwai: No need to actually preregister on this page, just try to be at the venue before 1pm and you should be good to go. Hope to see you there!


Due to time constraints, I’m not going to be able to make it. Sorry for the trouble.

Have a blast guys.


Here’s the link for the brackets:
Columbia, SC Bi-Weekly Battles - CHALLONGE!

We’re currently streaming now:
SC Tourney Channel on Justin.tv