11/27 Chocolate Lemon NYC: Battle For LeftOvers RESULTS

Thanks guys once again and comming out to support, Me and Phire are looking at Dec 18th as our next day

  1. EMP Twisted Jago
  2. EMP Dieminion
  3. Spab “Hold that Ultra 2” Rog
  4. EMP SmoothViper
  5. Noel “The Beautiful People” Brown
    7.Mark R.
    9.MegaMan “Fuck this Game” Steve
  6. Chris “Four Loko’s” Phire
    13.A Train
    13.John Micheal

Spab FUCKING RoG. Hold that 50% SON!!!

Good shit spab!!! Get that $22!!!

Thank God Ultra 2 is getting Nerf!!! Good Shit Spab Rog, See you guys at the next tourney.

Nice job Spab! Definitely must of been a tough bracket.

thanks for putting this together and running a smooth and fun tourney. good games to all the peeps i played in the tourney who took my bike $$$$ (spab mark, john and the bosnian) and casuals. needs more jump back fierce!


Good stuff spab ur fuerte made me sadfqace in casuals. fun tourney met some cool ppl there

its silly, but im excited for my first placing in top 8 ><

GGs to everyone and looking forward to more events!

Good tourney Megs n Phire, nice turnout and good setups. Move some of those game racks around to open up the space (aren’t they on wheels?) and it could be kinda hot. Working in Texas so I’ll miss the next one, but I’ll be back, EMPJago will not beat me 17 games in a row LOL.

Little late posting here, but good games to everyone I played with that day. Thanks to Phire and Steve for running this again, I hope we can keep these gatherings going.