11/28 FamilyFun MvC2 Results

  1. SooMighty - Mag/Cable/Sent, Sent/Storm/CapCom, MSP

  2. Ken. I - Sent/Storm/Psy, MSP

  3. Dc Static - MSP, Sent/Storm/CapCom

  4. Vlad - Sent/Storm/CapCom, Storm/Sent/Cable

  5. CYF - MSP, Sent/Cable/CapCom

  6. Fate - Sent/Storm/Cyc

  7. MightyMaxxx - Sent/Storm/CapCom

  8. Amir - MSP

Good turn-out. Sorry I left so quickly after finals. I felt really sick, and nausiated. That puddle of puke outside in the parking lot was mine :frowning:
We should do more of these tournaments, if you guys want. Right side on big machine was a bit messed up. Old grump Tim needs to get off his ass. BTW, thanks to Shogo for his support as always.


good shit. ill try and make it for the next one.




haha wtf. y am i on the results. i wasnt even in the tournament. i played for jamaal when he left but if i woulda won i still woulda let ben go on to the next round. good game ben haha. u know that shit was bullshit haha. i fuckin got owned by bens msp.

oh n the right side was broken. i was playing on it after the tourney was over n the right side did random jabs. tap up n jab comes out. so who ever played on the right side basically got screwed.


i let rio down in my last game :frowning:


you are all dope

except potter “the faggot” mcfaggot aka my brother


fuck you fag, you have the same name as your dad… mr.waizrd
sorry i had to tear you up brother :slight_smile:


i got owned. :frowning:

ggs to ben and ken. i, next time i’ll do better than letting myself get ocved.
but ya, something was up with the right side… i was on the right side both times too… wth? :confused:


haha dont worry bout it. u did good. u went 3 n 1. u made me 4 bucks haha. well actually 3 cuz i gave u a dollar cut. that shit was fun as fack last night. im tha don king of street fighter. money matches every friday night haha.


I always love how people are so eager to post the results of tournaments they won. :rolleyes:


My balls must have a longer extension than I thought. Go eat oranges you worthless, insignifigant guy.




gg’s max and cyf … hope its not the last time we play george…

right side was hella gay, random jab jab during my match cost me 2nd place

i also used
storm/sent/cable :slight_smile:

shogo vids!!! :smiley:


… what happend?

anyway if there was a confusion with why jamaal disappeared from the bracket and how rio appeared, well jamaal left and rio took his place


:lol: insignificant? Cuz the famous soomight says so? LOL, you’re funny. I should give myself props then maybe I’d be significant, right? :wink:


dood ur an idiot. soo runs these tourneys. hes the one that calls the matches n runs the brackets. so wats wrong with him posting the results. y do u bother making a post like this. u just making urself look stupid nah mean.


fuck that right side, no wonder i lost to ben, i should of switch sides but no excuses for losing =(


Man you’re nothing. I’ve wrecked you many a times on Xbox (CvS2). And now you’re gonna spew bullshit about how you’d Roll cancel if it were the arcade, well so would I.



OMG you’re bragging about xbox live. I guess you’re just better than me.

Look at all these Soo mighty fans coming out of the wood work. This is too funny.

Useless Tool: I probably can’t beat him, cuz I don’t play MvC2, just like he probably can’t beat me in CvS2, whats your point? Who ever said anything about beating anybody in marvel?


if Soo didnt post the results then people would bug him to post them, so thanks for posting them quick Soo and fuck you ServeBot, dont be pissed cause you cant beat him.