11/28 Jersey Street Fights presented by Console Warzone Results

Thanks to everyone who came out to support another one of my events. This was the first event in a new place so thanks to my NJ peeps for following me to another venue.

I’m not sure where I will go from here. I want to do something different. I was thinking of having fight days instead of tournaments. Basically it would help NJ players level up by having a consistent gathering to train.

Please hit me up with your thoughts and again I thank you all.

SSF4 Random Select (13 Entrants)

  1. Wetbucket
  2. Mike Infinite
  3. Deem
  4. MarlinPie (FYC)
  5. Marco Polo
  6. XxXEtown
  7. Orso
  8. Random James
  9. Demoneyes
  10. Rick
  12. Tuxedo Catfish
  13. Johnanito

SSF4 Singles (17 Entrants)

  1. MarlinPie (FYC) (Cammy, Seth)
  2. Marco Polo (Rose)
  3. Yaniq (Deejay)
  4. Wetbucket
  5. Max
  7. Random James
  8. Orso
  9. Demoneyes
  10. Mike Infinite
  11. Rick
  12. Jeff Sledge
  13. SKM
  14. Tuxedo Catfish
  15. Deem
  16. Johnanito
  17. V

good shit everyone. fight days would be cool too. its all whatever everyone else is down for and if people would still show up to fight days.

wtf wheres my name in singles god damn delux

My bad

How did a Deejay get third? What dimension am I in?