11/30 Palisades results


MvC2: - 10 people
1-James L
2-Alex Ngai "xMo0xMo0x"
3-Travis Peters
4-Jeff Palmer
5-Hiro Uchiyama "Neva Enuff"
5-Andrew Nick "Advent"
7-Dan Wyld "Wyld Wonderboy"
7-Greg Tewes "GregGT"
9-Rajiv Miller "Orion_of_Chaos"
9-Jeffrey Williams “NinjaDiner”

CvS2: -9 people
1-Andy Dumornay "koolaidsmile"
2-Rajiv Miller "Orion_of_Chaos"
3-Alex Ngai "xMo0xMo0X"
4-Hiro Uchiyama "Neva Enuff"
5-Greg Tewes "GregGT"
5-Dan Wyld "Wyld Wonderboy"
7-Jeff Palmer
7-Jeffrey Williams "NinjaDiner"
9-Brian Lynch “Sanjuro”

2i never happened due to only 2 people wanting to play it.

Thanks to all that showed up. Sorry to all for the shitty CvS2 machine. We expected more people to show, but oh, well. I don’t remember most of the teams used. If anyone really cares, either me or someone who remembers more will post the teams used.


man i wish that i could have gone, stupid work. hmmmm maybe i can make the next one


Fuqin andy is tha man!!! QUEENZ REPRESENT!!!:smiley:


Damn to bad I couldn’t make it. I would have love to see how Andy is now since our last battle back in October.


the tourney turned out pretty ok…despite super fucked up controls…i dunno what happened to all the ppl who said they would show up but issallgood…props to the albany crew for coming down and andy for coming from queens…was madd cool meeting you guys…


sorry, i know i said i might have came…stayed out way too late friday nite. ANDY IS A BEAST! hahaha andy, u shoulda stopped by pa friday…mad heads were there


Wow nice…from the results looked like an ok amount of people actually showed. Nice. Sorry all that I did not attend, despite saying I would. Some shit popped up and I was unable to come. Looking forward to the next one and good shit to everyone who played.


All right !My BOY JAMES WIN MVC2! Me and my friends are the best in westchester. Let me know when will there be a next tourament and I will be there.