11/9/02 University Pinball MvC2 & 3s


Marvel results:

1st: Brandon Hyo - ironman/storm/psycock, ironman/storm/sent
2nd: Josh Wong - storm/sent/capcom
3rd: Julien Robinson - bh/cable/cyke
4th: Rasul - mag/storm/psy, cable/doom/capcom
5th: Damian - storm/cable/doom, ironman/storm/cable
5th: Tim - mag/cable/sent, mag/cable/guile

3rd strike results:

1st: Ron Maloles - chunli, yun

fun time had by all… brandon is too powerful… the 3s tourney had some shady bracket changes cause not everyone stayed… but it was clear that ron won…


Thanks D also here are the results for CVS2, TK4, yo i hope everyone can make it back next weekend i had fun.

1st.–Julian R.
2nd .–Kalick "WARRIOR"
3rd.–Josh "Robot"
4th.-Alex "A-Rod"
5th.–Ray L.
t5th.–Jason “Rugal B”

1st.–Jason H.
3rd.–Hai Le

Yo i hope spme new players can make it down next week.:smiley:

WAY TO GO Brandon.


Damn what about the rest of the 3s results?


Damn about time Brandon won a tournament in philly. Now he will win a ps2 at the break.


I’m pretty sure Shin Akuma won CVS2. :rolleyes: :lol: :o


Great job brandon. It seems like every since you got back from the ATL you have been on a rampage.:wink: :cool: Good job man. It funny that you were about to retire from playing and now your on the rise as one of the top players up there.:slight_smile:


damn, im so out of practice~! i had alot of fun though, and i wanna keep coming until NEC. my b-day is next weekend, i wanna see if i can somehow get out of it and come to philly.

what the! brandon beat the robot! brandon is too powerful. congrats brandon. i think josh has been spending too much time playing cvs2 and eatin my chicken caesar salads.


Team Philly is slowly evolving…the world has much to fear


Thanks for the props everybody:D But yall should have been at the break, team philly is really a team now, we all got top 5. We stuck by each other and did what we came to do. Except have josh take out justin:(