11/9/02 Very getto results from charlotte


This was a great tournament to play in and watch. Now I hope others that were in charge of the tournament can get everyone’s names entered into the APEX system, becaus ethey only entered the top 5 places in the tournament, and not the entire roster of players that entered. I know there was 31 people in MvC2, 21 in 3S, and 17 in A3. Someone must fix this grave error, or some people are going to be highly pissed off. Also you guy’s need to make sure that you get everyone’s “WHOLE NAME” so they can recieve their points. because Eric V. and shaun B. aren’t in the apex system. Shaun Banks and his SRK name should be posted in the apex system so they can recieve their points.


Atlantic South Division

1st 1st Derrick P.
+600 pts

2nd 2nd Eric V.
+300 pts

3rd 3rd Shaun B.
+200 pts

4th 4th Paul Lee
+150 pts

5th 5th Nhan
+120 pts

5th 5th Eric P.
+120 pts

This is all I have. Now it’s up the organizers to fix this problem, because the winner of this tournament will be the #1 ranked player in the ATL. South.


1.Paul Lee
2. some guy that was wearing mittens while he was playing in the tournament
3. his friend

Man I don’t have the brackets so don’t flame me with the getto results.:slight_smile: Well paul lee basically beat on everyone on his way to taking the loot.:cool: He’s a very good player and a cool person also. It was good to meet him and play against him. I felt like I got a bad bracket, but that’s how it goes. I notice that others from NC had an easier route through the brackets and I personally think that there was only 3 people (the top 3 players in the 3s tournament that could beat me. I think I got 9th place. But I enjoyed the tournament and talking to mad folks during the tournament. Meeting people from different regions on SRK for the 1st time was cool. All I know is that people respect HUGO now! Oh yea, I played paul lee in my 3rd match and he PERFECT my ass the last round to put me in the losers.:eek: :frowning: :lol: I told him that no one in the south has beat me that bad in a tournament beside my hommies Eric williams and June Ro. Mad props to So Cal for taking home the loot.:cool:


It wasn’t complete before I left.:stuck_out_tongue:

I hope to see everyone again at another south event.:cool:


Why on earth did someone enter in anything into APEX, when you had neither full results nor full names? Waiting a day or two for full results would have easily been worth the accuracy. NOVA got shafted out of a lot of points there.

And why didn’t Darick win 3S - did he leave or something? :lol:


I think that was the guy with the damn mittens.:lol: :lol: He got 2nd. I haven’t seen mittens since I was 8 years old.:lol: And I just turned 28 in october.:lol:


LOL, congrats paul??

What the fuck were you doing in NC? Too good.



I don’t know why the hell didn’t they post the full results either yo? I think the APEX system id hard for them.:confused: :rolleyes: :confused: I think they didn’t know that they had to put everyone that entered the tournament in the system. They’ll get use to it. But they are going to have to ask people for there correct names and SRK names so everyone can get the point they deserve.:cool:


whats up everybody. this is joey (the asian guy that works at mindboggle). i was wondering what everybody thought about the tournament. also, i wasn’t in charge of setting up brackets or deciding what games were gonna be in the tourney so don’t flame me, but let me know some of your thoughts and i can be the messenger. also, good job to all the guys that placed well. thanks for everybody’s cooperation and sportsmanship. i’m out like a retard in a spelling bee. peace out.



I thought everything went very well.

The turnout was high, with a diverse mix of players from ATL to NOVA. Staggering the start times helped a lot. The Mindboggle staff was great. Everybody seemed to have a really good time.

I’ll post more later… tired.

"A real Mason/Dixon showdown… :lol:"


Mittens? Are those like kitty paws? It would be so cute if someone wore kitty paw thingys while playing. :slight_smile:


good stuff darrick and eric hope u guys had fun

and it seems like everyone else did too

was there only 6 people in marvel!?:lol: EDIT (i know there wasn’t but the points says there was blah blah joke haha lol)


Well just wanted to pop in here and say I had a great time. Caught Trent’s curse, but I guess thats ok :lol: Great seeing peeps from NOVA to ATL at this tourney. I honestly had no idea this tourney would be that big. Great job Mindboggle staff! Hope y’all can keep this up and hopefully add some new tourneys. I know a lot of peeps were requesting CvS2.

Later y’all.

And the A3 standings as I remember were:

1st: Jae Purvis "ShinRyuX"
2nd: Andrew Ward "blt"
3rd: I think was Jim Sejas(sp?) "RekkaKen"
4th: Kevin Micheals "Jabroni Kenshin"
5th: Danny Miller "Wiggle Super"
Erik Peterson “Lord Doom/DoomsdayKen”


31 peeps?? Sounds like it was fun!!

Hope it was fun for you guys!! Wish I could have gone.
Congrats to everyone!

Anyone video tape it?


Man I lost my second MVC2 match because of the broke as fuck Smaller MVC2 machine. I couldn’t do shit on it. I was playing at like 25% of my ability cuz I couldnt wavedash or unfly or even dash correctly and that sucks because Sami beat me because of this:rolleyes: You want advice Stop letting Gay C. Have anything to do with the brackets because he rigs them and I do personally think that. All in All though I had a pretty fun time and to Jae and Sami I want to apologize for leaving early but I just didn’t feel like standing around doing nothing for the next 382643269648 hours. I had a fun time riding/sleeping in ted’s car on the way home:lol: Yall need to fix that smaller mvc2 cabinet in the future if you ever want people to come back for mvc2.

Paul Lee-TOO GOOD!!! This guy is ruthless in third strike. Nuff said! Congrats Jae in winning Alpha 3. I knew you could do it.



I love it and aggree with you bro. Right On!


I told yall Paul was gonna win 3s. That fool is good as fuck with Ken!



What are you "aggree"ing [sic] to? You weren’t even there!

If you don’t like JC, that’s fine, but I thought he and all the Mindboggle staff did an excellent job. Trying to pin bracket/joystick issues on him for the sake of bad blood is kinda weak.

"I saw lots of good 3S, especially paulee and Darick. Really a pleasure to watch. And I’ll never say another bad word towards Larry’s Hugo again… :eek:"


for one thing, jc didn’t even make the brackets. another thing, nobody else had any complaints about the stand-up mvc2 cabinet. i played on it and it was in awesome working condition compared to what it used to be. i know the alpha3 2nd player rh/fierce buttons were messing up and i’m sorry. james diagnosed it as a sensitive rh button and we did what we could to remedy it.


Seriously guys, y’all need to fix those APEX points, eventhough I don’t really care about it that much. I’m sure some of the 20+ people not mentioned in the standings sure would. Please fix that.


Great Tournament

I just wanted to post my ideas on yesterday’s gathering in Charlotte…

Considering last years poorly managed tournament and less than impressive handling of cabinet complaints I was less than enthusiastic about coming back to Charlotte for a tournament again. In fact if it weren’t for 3S I wouldn’t have even bothered making the 2 hour drive. Let me say that I was very impressed with the effort put forth by Mindboggle and it’s staff to put on a great event of this size. Last time I was there all the big games were up front which made getting around during the tournament almost impossible so I was pleased to see all the machines centrally located at the BACK of the arcade with an outside exit available for smokers and the release of arcade stench that usually comes with a croud of gamers all mashed in together in a small room. The controllers were obviously very new…almost too new for me as they weren’t broken in properly but that I suppose is a scrubs excuse for doing poorly. The new sticks were a welcome change to the typical broken sticks so prevalent in the southern arcade scene so for that I am thankful. The bracket work and sign-ups were all held in a central location with no less than 3 staffers handling the thankless duty of organization of the matches complete with a microphone and amplifier (the sudden squeels of feedback were NOT needed though) so everyone was well aware that their matches were being called. Oh and let’s not forget the cooler of lemonade…too l33t:lol: .

The only complaint I have is that the sign-ups didn’t take into consideration the APEX system so full names were never taken nor internet sigs and the results posted are far from complete. This is a small oversight to some but for many people they want to see their names and final rankings posted so it needs to be corrected ASAP.

About the bracket work…I have no complaints but I scrubbed out and only played 2 matches so I have no idea how brackets fleshed out later but from what I saw it seemed fair.

I wish I had presented a better showing at 3S but like I said …I scrubbed out and lost two matches I believe I could have taken any day but thats all talk and no show. I should have really scrubbed out and played Chun but after watching 234875642387564837 Chun vs The World matches I couldn’t do it. I’ve been working on Urien for 2 months now and while it had been a week since I had really practiced with him I guess it showed when I lost to a non-aggressive Makoto (and all I’ve ever faced is Jae’s rush down Makoto so it was like a totally different match for me) and then I scrubbed a big kill combo in the corner against Dwayne’s(sp) Chun and lost to a HVB…errr SA#2:D .

To Paulee…Paul…
It was great to meet you and your comments about calling it quits after today makes me think I should have quit a long time ago myself and in fact I might. I would really like to get some matches in with you again before you go back to LA if possible but if not good luck with your carrer and life.

To the NC reps…
It was great seeing you all again. I would have played A3 and MvC2 but I honestly havn’t touched the games in months so there was no point in donating to the winners funds and more than I already did for 3S.

In all it was a great event and I encourage everyone to support
Mindboggle in hosting more events like this in the future. Perhaps a CvS2 , 3S and MvC2 tourney in a few months would be in order.

Oh , and I wish I could have caught the Dudley matches everyone was talking about of the guy from VA…maybe I’ll get to see some video footage soon:cool:



Great Tournament!!!

This is what I’ve been looking for. A Mid sized tourney with lots of competition. Even though I didn’t play in they tourney, I still had a great time. CvS2 was awsome. I got to play a lot of new people (and some old ones too). Next time, let’s have a CvS2 tourney. I know that it would be off the chain. Peace!


You can say that Jay C didnt have anything to do with the brackets but he was nearby the person who did do the brackets so I know whatever he may have threw out as a suggestion was taken into consideration. But you know whatever I don’t really care cuz I know the machine wasn’t working right and it may have been the new sticks or whatever but here is some more advice 360’s blow ass. Regular competition sticks are soooo much better because every 360 I have ever played on has a habit of not working right when needed. You said it was in awesome working condition compared to what it used to be well if one out of 12 buttons worked it would be in better condition than what it used to be cuz that machine was fucked up. It was great to see Darrick beat people up with Dudley but everytime I see him he is beating people up with Dudley so nothing new there. Next time, if there is one, I will show you my true power in third strike.

Another thing is Why did Me and Sami have to fight to start with when you could have just as easily put us against people not in our area?