11/9 Complete UCLA Results


I do come to UCLA…just post when you’re going.
I’ll post when going also…just check pac south


** oh this is Jakuda. i’m using carneeeeeeeeevil’s account**
blah blah. whine whine.

Have Ernest play Watson for money. Ego problems solved.

no one cares about ggxx.


ok fine. ernest stop talking about ggxx and how you got third from only playing twice before. It just makes OTHER people think you’re bragging by making yourself feel good and putting down the other players? ok?

exit right ombudsman (cool word)


i guess he got second cause there’s only like 10 people playing?
i didn’t know people in US actually play this game but this game is very popular in Japan and Taiwan because it has something like 3s and that’s is parrying…does anyone actually know about this?


I’ll play Ernest for money at CVS2. Let’s go. Valley has no comp for that game anyway.


Thanks to UCLA for running the tourney. in a few months it’s gonna be hard as hell to find a 3s tourney. so let’s enjoy it for now!
Dreamer, we gotta get some games in. i want some revenge on 3s and CVS2 (okay, you’ll rule me on that for sure). regardless, i’ll challenge you $100 per game. poppa needs new shoes.


Watson: For CvS2, we announced over the mic that it would be 1 game losers’ bracket right when we started doing losers’. Maybe you didn’t hear it since the mic is a piece of shit. As for 3S, the only matches that were supposed to be 2/3 were the winners’ and losers’ finals. When you played that match against John/Vic and you weren’t sure if it was 2/3, you should have come and asked me. The people that were supposed to play 2/3, I told them first hand…


I don’t have any complaints, but I didn’t hear that it was one match for loser’s bracket either. And I fucked around too, and I was going to put my quarter in for the next match, and the guy said, nice match…lol

Louder microphone would help next time, but I really didnt’ have any complaints about it, after all I did lose that match.


Sin: Can you make these tourneys weekly?


You did a really good job with the tournament SiN, everything was clear and ran well in 3s I think. Best UCLA tournament so far, have more!


I heard it when they said that CvS2 losers bracket was only one game. When the mic didn’t work, you guys made sure to repeat yourselfs, so that was good. Fuck, I’m just happy I came in 9th. Best thing I could hope for right now (and I did better than my bro) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


That was the most fun that I had at a tourney next to EVO2002.

Watson: I had fun playing the few matches I had against you, and I hope that the little mix-up that happened wont stop you from coming to other UCLA tourneys.

Amir: I had lots of fun playing against you, and we had some really close matches that made the whole day worthwhile. If you ever go to UCLA for free play let me know by PM and I 'll try to go.

As for the announcements… I didnt hear the announcement for the losers either. Maybe a printout of how the brackets will be set would help. You could maybe post it next to the table that you used for all your brackets so that you would not have to announce the rules. You could just make a very loud first annoucement that anybody that has any questions as to how the tourney is set up can read the posted printout. :slight_smile:

Just a thought.


PS. Reza: I had fun playing you too, but you shoulda used Vega instead of Bison… but you know that already:p


lol, just saw this thread, don’t you wish you had my mad shouting skills around still?


Give me a copy of that tape. I don’t remember saying that…


Overall it was the tourney was RUN well. :wink: I like the 2 on 2 format. You should try CvS2, MvC2 in the 2 on 2 format.

This is just a suggestion, I was thinking that the top 3 teams that place should change teammates. For ex. Pyro and Gee-o placed so they can’t be teams the next time. Not that I don’t want to be teammates with the same person but I just think its a good idea.

I heard complains about the games were to cramped so the games should spread the games out in between the filler games, like, zuggzugg said.
I thought the back 3s cabinet was too bright.


2-2 ST tourney! :slight_smile:


Yeah, spreading out the games is definetely a good idea. It got fuckin’ hot in that area and it was just too cramped…


Ummmmmmmmm, Watson sorry about that whole 2/3 thing. And Rocky it was me you more than likely hear on the tape. I looked at the brackets, and thought you guys were ahead one game further in the brackets than you actually were. As for the CvS2 thing I clearly said “due to time constraints, all loser round games will be one game” then SiN took the mike and said something similar in case those people didn’t hear me. But I guess you guys might have been playing ST or 3S and were to busy to hear me and I can’t do anything about that.

As for the microphone, fuck that shit. They told SiN they got a new one, and it was the same piece of shit as the last time.

I’ll talk to SiN about making the next CvS2 thing a team tourney, so it goes super fast, I’m talking like marvel fast.

This will probably be the last GGXX tourney until the home version comes out, or some more interest is shown. With fucking dismal turn-outs and mad flaky players on the scene, you’ll never know how many people will actually go to the tourney.

Ernest, I reviewed the tape, and watched your match vs. ID, and anyone else for that matter, and you just milked your one combo, and that’s how you beat ID since Chipp takes damage like a little wolverine in marvel. Don’t worry though, when the matches go up, you’ll see what I mean. Good job however, you definitely caught ID off guard.


I think the GGXX competition will be boosted after the ps2 release.


Is it possible to run these tourneys weekly? :smiley:


Rockefeller…Is there any way possible that I can have a copy of the tape?? I’ll send you a money order of some sort…