11-year-old beaten to death for 9 hours by mom's boyfriend for not vacuuming

I don’t have words to describe this shit.
Just make him suffer for at least 9 hours.

I don’t have enough coffee for this.

Why you do this so early in the fucking morning!


Where are you at? It’s 2PM on the east coast…

Comments are hilarious, but yeah this is fucked up glad to see the bitch getting caught red handed.

horrible news thread

I wonder how someone has to be brought up to evoke such hatred and rage to a child?

I thought that picture was photoshopped, No bullshit.

Albino Mexian African American Filipino?

dude looks like a minority version of sloth.

If I was that ugly I’d probably beat kids to death too. Just sayin’.

Yo that dude looks…Weird…

And all kinds of people on SRK feel sorry for the girl that had her laptop destroyed by her father. lol

I sometimes wonder if the whole “stepfather/ boyfriend killing another man’s child” thing has some bearing in evolution? Similar to how a new male lion kills all the cubs of a previous male or how a silverback murders the offspring of his newfound harem.

Nah, my dude.

Real men don’t kill other men’s kids.

Real men don’t fuck with single moms.

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I’m not talking about “real men”, I’m talking about animals.

I thought you were equivocating them.

My bad.

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This is what happens when a single mother is a selfish immature hoe more concerned with getting dick than her kids’ safety. Bet she was supporting this dude, too.

I can’t take over this planet fast enough.

True. I’ll beat you to it. I have the one important thing: MINIONS! I can mind-hack any (non-purebreed) housecat to do my bidding…true, the lack of thumbs is a hindrance, but monkeys are way too unreliable. And they stink.

well maybe now shorty will behave.

Oh come on now, how are you going to blame the woman who was at work? You think she expected this guy to be a complete psycho? She called the police as soon as she got home, so you can stop with your anti woman crusade.

This is what happens when the school and parental systems fail, period. We get retarded people like this guy who beat children for 9 hours straight for “not vacuuming”. Shit is fucked