11-year-old beaten to death for 9 hours by mom's boyfriend for not vacuuming

Oh come on now, don’t blame the school and the parental systems… He was just crazy. It’s not his fault… He was just crazy.

I can’t blame the mother but shit is so fucked up I’m at a loss for words. He beat the kid, stitched a wound closed, than continued to beat the kid. Like … seriously …that’s a level of fucked up that had to have some sort of precursor.

Heart goes out to the mother.

When I was a boy, if we didn’t do out chores we got beaten for TEN hours, then had to do our chores and THEN they killed us.

Na, but seriously this is fucked. How is the entire world not jaded as fuck knowing this shit happens every day.

Dude literally looks like a blonde pig with cornrows.

He saw that shit everytime he looked in a mirror, I can certainly see where he gets his rage from.

Who wouldn’t be pissed if they looked like that?



I like the way you think, evolution ramblings and all, but nah. This was just the work of some deranged loser.

I think it could have something to do with the single moms though. Feeling dejected and undesirable due to their single parent status, that they shack up with these crazed loser types that most self-respecting women wouldn’t bother with. Then its only a matter of time before crazy shit happens…

Agreed. Dude looks like he had birth defect issues.

so, where are the white knights in the father of the year award thread or chinaman 13C thread. This is when we need you.

Either way, how fucking stupid do you have to be, scratch that, how high. Im sure this individual was not all there.

It’s the 5 year old’s fault for not taking self-defense classes imo.

He’s clearly retarded. I know a non albino version of this dude and he jumped off of a 20 foot balcony reaching for a girl he thought was there that needed saving.

They both look like Georgetown Hoyas.

jesus…shit is fucked, nothing else to really say.

I think she should break up with her boyfriend.

In MOST cases like this, this shit did not come out of the blue. Women, especially young single mothers, in their desperate quest to not be alone, willfully ignore a LOT of questionable behavior from their dick of the weeks. This dude probably uttered some shit multiple times before this incident like “Your kid irritates me/keep your kid away from me”.

I’m hoping he gets beaten for 9 hours for not vacuuming another guy’s penis in jail.

Beating a kid, sewing him up, then beating him up again is just straight fucked up.

It wasn’t his fault:

Fixed that for you.

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9 hours though?? He wasn’t tired after 20 minutes? Damn…

Sfxol east coast pro division.

Now where was the baby daddy? This should be a hint to all of those single fathers out there not knowing whom the hell your kids are interacting with. It is too late to get involved now after your son got a serious beatdown. If you’re not there please make a effort

…That nukka looks like f’n barney bear from the oldschool cartoons!!! Sorry, but that was the first thing I thought when I clicked the link. I just hope they put it on him when the inevitable guilty verdict hits. I hope the kids who complain about the shit they have to do at home see this. Although this guy was FAR from being a parent, much less a good one, it just goes to show what can happen.