110" crimp disconnectors

ive been looking to replace all soldering with these crimp connectors but i dont know which are the right one. sazae suggested i buy them becuase i wanted to replace my microswitches. can anyone tell me if these are the right ones?


.110 is for japanese buttons and sticks. if you have happ or IL its .187

Depending on the male connectors (assuming that you’re using Japanese parts), you need these:


These have a smaller receptical for the wiring. This one works great for 20-24 gauge wire. The one that you linked is for heavier gauge wire.


yes i am using all jaoanese parts, i have a hori hrap ex. so would the ones you recommended fit? thanks for the info much appreciated.

oh and just in case i want to look around a bit, what the hell am i looking for to know that i am lloking at the right disconnectors?

You can get them for cheaper on Ebay. Just search .110 quick disconnect.

Yes, that’s the size you want for Japanese parts if you’re using Sanwa etc.

im on ebay and my last question is am i getting the 16-14 or 22-18??

More like 22-18 AWG or even higher.

The wire typically used in joysticks these days are 22 or higher (which means they are thinner). 16 or 14 is probably for home electrical work.

I disagree AK. If jsuh103 is going to Willy’s (physical) store, he’s better off buying from them, since he doesn’t have to pay shipping. A 15-pack of .110 QDs will run him $1.50 out the door. A 100-pack runs less than $5.

It’s where I go to get my electronics stuff in San Diego.

jsuh - I’ll try to post pics of what their product looks like so you can eye what you need. But you can also ask anyone that works there. They all know their stuff and are very helpful.

yea im located in NJ so i would be ordering from the web or any where in the ny/nj area. i was thinking of checking out radio shack and a few auto part stores so i was just wondering what all those numbers meant. Jizzmirk, if you can post a pic of which one from willys will work, that would be awesome, i dont think i really need more than 15 of them. worse case scenario i will purchase from ebay. oh and do i need any tools to crimp the wires in place? big thanks to AK and Jizzmirk for the info. i have no idea how to give rep. lol

FYI .187 work fine for sanwa and seimitsu. You may have to use some pliers to squeeze them down if they don’t fit snug over the connectors, but they are easier to slide on and remove, less likely to bend your button contact blades, and if you decide to get happ parts, you don’t have to crimp another set of wires. Disconnects for 22-18 AWG are fine if you fold the wire in half and insert that into the quick disconnect when crimping.

If it’s just 15 QD you need, I can just give them to you if you stop by Jersey City/Hoboken.

I have a ton coming in the mail. Not like I need $1.50 from you or something. The Home Depot in Jersey City doesn’t seem to carry .187 female QD anymore, so I just bought a bunch from Ebay.

jeez, thanks AK. i just want to stick them on my microswitches. one of them came off and i have it taped but whenever the tape get loose my inputs fail on me. lol. im located in kearny which is about 10-15 minutes from jeresy city/hoboken. i guess if i have a hard time finding them tomorrow i will contact you and gladly give you a few dollars for them. i wll let you know asap thanks!

ok AK, PM sent.

alright, i just got back from radio shack and bought a variety bag of the smallest qd’s they had. i know the buttons on the hrap are 110 but the terminal on the microswitches are alot wider than the button terminals. in the variety bag i have a 1/4" 22-18 and 3/16 22-18. the 1/4 slide over the terminals and it fits but its a bit loose. the 3/16 doesnt fit all the way. does anyone know what the hell im talking about? i guess what im trying to say is will it work as long as it fits.

on the smallest one that fits but is loose, use pliers or something similar to squeeze one side of the connector.

so size doesnt matter as long as i can fit it snug? also after i insert the wire thru the disconnetor where should i leave it? do i have to insert into one side of the tube looking thing? do i have to crimp anything?

all i have to say is, AK IS THE MAN. goodnight.