.110" quick disconnects

Are they the same as 3/16"? I was at Radio Shack, and they don’t have anythiing actually listed as .110.

3/16" = .1875" So, no.

I myself like .187 over .110 for japanese buttons. I seem to have to force the .110 on the button, and really have to wiggle them off carefully when changing. But that is just my preference.

I got 100 .187 quick disconnects on ebay for like 5 bucks. They shipped real fast too. Radio shack will rape you’re wallet. I am sure the have the 110 ones’ also.

So I can use .187’s on a button that’s designed for .110’s? I was told that Sanwa’s use the .110’s. Sorry for sounding so dumb, but I’m going to be attempting my first stick soon.

.187 are kind of big, but you can make them work. All they really do is transfer the signal. As long as the metal part is making contact with the connection on your button, you’re cool. .110’s are a nice tight fit. If you get .187, you’ll have to find a way to keep them on there.

Like Master_Pain said, you’re better off ordering on eBay. You’ll get lots more for equal amount or less. And you can find .110.

Don’t forget your crimper as well.

I also find .187 way easier to use, but the .110 do give a more solid connection/cleaner look.

Is a crimper really necessary for quick disconnects? I’m just asking, because all I have with me are needle-nose pliers.

I just bought 100 of these off of ebay for $9.50…pretty good deal…coming from Florida…Ebay is the best bet…

Major cities should usually have a small specialty electronics store - better stocked and serviced than Radio Shacks.

My local store in San Diego is http://shop.willyselectronics.com/ I was able to get a bag of 100 .110 QDs for $5.