(12/07/10) 8 on the Break Weekly #86

Another exciting tourney from the Break. Justin, FloE, and Noel Brown all picked random throughout the entire tournament.

1: EG Justin Wong (Random)
2: MarlinPie (Cammy, C. Viper)
3: Josh Wong (Boxer, Guile)
4: Beef Doompling
5: FloE
5: wetBucket
7: Sai
7: UVG Noel FUCKING Brown
9: Dave Destruction
9: Ryan2dfGod
9: DemonEyes
9: Kazi
13: Joneek
13: Scarlet
13: JD
13: Nick SSJ
17: LeoGeo2
17: Wonfei
17: Mad Titan
17: Puccabuki
17: DeadPool
17: Raven
17: Rickey
17: Orso

yo i got see the recording this the first week i havent looked free on the stream in a long time

No EMP at the break? Whats up with that. They usually dominate the tourney.

shoutouts to justin for donating his winnings to the stream. ALL OF IT. classy motherfucker.

good show

I lol’d at seeing “Random” next to J.Wong’s name. Pretty damn impressive.
Hoping that Jax’ll get these vids up soon, as I didn’t have a chance to watch the stream.

Did Justin really go random?

yes he did

Wow. Who’d he get on random select?

Every counterpick ever.
It was kinda ridiculous

Any vids? I wanna see Justin on random heh.

vids are up @ YouTube - Jaxelrod’s Channel