12.10.05 Lake Worth, FL Tourney Results!

Vortex: Better Than Sex Tournament II-The N.e.W. Era

**Super Smash Brothers Melee Tournament **
1st- Tommy Tipper (Peach, Falco, Ice Climbers, Ganondorf)
2nd- SynikaL (Marth, Ganondorf)
3rd- Deg (Sheik)
4th- Lex (Peach)

**Soul Calibur III Tournament **
1st-AlottaBeast (Cervantes)
2nd-M4TT (Kilik)
3rd-CEO of Darkness (Astaroth)
4th-Midas (Cassandra)

**Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen! 4 Tournament **
1st-GhostDog (Ten Ten, Kisame, Itachi)
2nd-SS4 Fat Buu (Gaara, Orochimaru)
3rd-Mr. Brightside (OTK Naruto, Sakon)
4th-Kavas (Kimimaro)

This tournament was a great turnout! We got people repping Jax, Orlando, Miami, WPB, and everywhere in between coming to this event.

The SSBM tournament was great. I noticed some patterns of character choices/stage select but I think the players pretty much made it interesting. Pete was crazy in a cool way with the head-banging-to-the-controller-because-I-made-a-mistake-which-cost-me-a-life thing. I wish I had my camcorder or camera set up to catch that. A honorable mention there’s a chick participated named “The Sasha” (Gimmick infringement!) tore up some kids there! I was scared yo. I hope ya’ll Smashers are happy with the tournament because I don’t know/play this game and use the cookie cutter technique for this tournament. I’m always willing to be open for any suggestions that involve rules, pricing and stuff.

Soul Calibur III was fun too. Most of the people stuck with one character throughout the whole tournament and top 3 are Lake Worth/Boynton Beach in WPB represents! What.

I was real excited with the Naruto GNT! 4 tournament. The turnout was huge compared to the other 2 tournaments! I was speaking highly of guys like GhostDog, SS4 Fat Buu (Formerly Evil Buu), Seishin (He didn’t come), Kavas before and calling them blue-chippers of Naruto GNT! and they captured top 4. And there were even new people to the tournament scene and also made a statement in The Vortex! I feel that it’s like the veterans had to pass the torch that day.

Jacksonville represents Pritch, Akukame and Ethyl came down to Lake Worth to make their WiLLvolution.com tournament debut and they were all stellar! From the get-go they had to face guys like The WiLLvolution 2005 Champion Milton, Yumei, Rieshu, Mr. Brightside, and The WiLL. Some videos of their performance will be up ASAP.

Speaking of Rieshu, she snoop around the forums and noticed that others were harshly commenting on her performance of the previous Vortex tournament. She wasn’t too pleased about the comments so she got the game when it first came out, practice and tore up the scene! She defeated Pritch (Both Winner’s and Loser’s Bracket), Mr. Brightside and The WiLL. Her reign of terror ended against Kavas during the Loser’s Semi Finals.

The new and improved Miami team came up and rep their area and all did real well. Unfortunately they all had to leave early due to LordRabies’ rest and study for college exams. I wished that they could’ve stayed earlier. The results would probably be different.

I didn’t really mentioned this but starting this tournament I will keep track of everybody’s wins, losses and The N.e.W. Era ranking points. All can be located under the Players section in the main page. I will try to put up the section ASAP.

That’s pretty much it. Overall I felt great hosting the tournament and everybody had a good vibe coming to The Vortex. I hope to see you guys in the next month’s tournament with new additions such as Halo 2 tournament, etc. Stay tuned to find out more details! Peace!