[12/11/10] Offline Endless Battle Round 3 - Brooklyn New York

Hosted by Citiofbrass, ZaichieK, and Team P.I.E, brackets run by Mike G, stream provided by Team Sp00ky

Season 1 of Guard Crush may have ended, the final BattleField may have passed, but the Endless Battle in NYC rages on!
We invite you to enjoy a day of gaming at Offline Endless Battle Round 3!
From the first Offline Endless Battle, our focus was to provide an enjoyable evening of gaming that sets itself apart from the what was the flood of local tournaments in the NYC scene at the time, to raise the bar of what could be regular events and try to provide a good time for all. We did that by providing a full service event: food and drinks at the venue, beer for those 21+, all day endless battle casuals, and an abundance of setups with dedicated casual setups running alongside the tournament. Now we come to Round 3 with this same ideal.
This time the stage is set at Bratva Bar in Coney Island, Brooklyn. We welcome you to enjoy a relaxing post-season event in the weekend after NEC, to savor that chocolate before getting some strawberry, to hone your skills in whole day endless battle, to compete in our tournament main event, to enjoy the food and drink at Bratva while hanging out with your fellow gamers, and most importantly, to have an enjoyable full day of gaming.

@Bratva Bar
1205 Surf Avenue
Coney Island, Brooklyn,
transit: Stillwell Ave - Coney Island (D)(F)(N)(Q) train station

Venue Fee: $5
Main event: Super Street Fighter IV tournament entrance: $5
Prize: 70/20/10 split between 1st 2nd and 3rd place
Side event: Super Street Fighter IV random character tournament: $3
Retro side event: Street Fighter Alpha 2: $3
prizes for side events may be winner takes all unless a substantial amount of people enter in which case it will be a split like the main event.

Saturday, December 11th

Doors open @ 2pm
Main event @ 4pm
Random character side event @ 7pm
Casuals the whole day through the evening, dedicated casual setups alongside the tournament
??? possible exhibition matches or more side events may be scheduled, we have the whole day, check this thread for updates

Super Street Fighter 4 Tournament Main Event

  • Double elimination brackets
  • Dual character lock (because Guard Crush started a good trend)
  • Sets are 2 out of 3
  • Losers and Winners finals and Grand Finals are 3 out of 5

Random character side event rules:

  • Players go to character select after every match and pick random
  • Sets are 2/3 and finals 3/5 and brackets are double elimination

xbox 360, BYOC - bring your own controller

I might make it out to this one had fun at the first one u threw

we in there

Why did it have to be on a Saturday? Especially the one Saturday i’m working =(

I definitely want to make it but i’m pretty sure i’ll be cutting it close. Who can I call if I do end up running late?

Glad to see something going on in Brooklyn again after the tragic loss of Guard Crush. Also, will this event be on Saturdays from now on?

Updated side events.

@Ark Forever:
Several people requested a Saturday event. <.<

Sorry if you have work and this was on short notice. It seems a lot of people have trouble with weekdays cause of work as well. Hard to make everyone happy but we try. I should have a contact number up sometime before the event for people who might be showing up late but want to make it.

As of right now Endless Battle is taking it one event at a time so we do not have concrete plans for round 4 as of this moment, you’ll just have to stay tuned. I am working with MikeG on possibly using this same venue so he can revive Guard Crush bi-weekly wed again, but it depends in part on how this event goes both for the community and if the venue owners like what we do. So please come and show support and we may have a regular thing in Brooklyn again. Endless Battle will remain it’s own thing separate from this and we may be coming to other boroughs or staying in BK if there is demand for it, at the moment our track record puts us loosely as a monthly/bi-monthly. As mentioned before we are taking this one event at a time so let me not get ahead of myself. :slight_smile:
Stay tuned as always. At the moment get hyped for this surefire event this coming Saturday.

Sounds fun, will try to make it…

I was going to attend but then realized its the same day as EVO Online and I already signed up for that =\

Come to this. Lets see what the place is like.

count me in, looking to play citi in some sak on sak…wait…there has to be a better way to say that…

more you ramble on the more queer it gets. lets just leave it at that lol.

lol today has been filled with poorly chosen words, still no Thailand cat skinning though.

Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend this tournament =/. Hopefully I’ll be able to attend the next one.

pretty soon, all the balrog and dictator players will avoid mark anyway hhaha.

I have a bday Sat so I wont be able to come out.

day before bump

sorry to hear that sk, but responsibilities are responsibilities so maybe next time.
have a happy bday tonedef.
good luck to all of those entering Evo Online.

to all those of you who aren’t doing anything tomorrow: we are set to go, this should be fun, feel free to drop by at any time we will be having full day casuals aside from the main and side events, so feel free to drop by and chill and game. some of you mentioned you are working in the afternoon, but you can still enjoy a saturday evening of gaming so don’t miss out. It’s shaping up to be a good time, should be fun tomorrow. :slight_smile:

I would like to thank the people I talked to earlier this week who said they would come give support, hope to see you guys there. :slight_smile:

might randomly show up w00t :tup: I can just sign up when I am there?

yup yup.

day of the event bump

See ya there. :slight_smile:

Can’t make it do to homework and evo event. I will def be at the next endless battle tournament.

do what you gotta do with homework. thank you for your continued support in any case even if you can’t make it out this time.

btw on the note of Evo Online, Adnon inquired if its possible to play Evo Online at our venue if he brought his HD, seeing as we have an internet connection there it shouldn’t be a problem if players want to do that. <.<

also again this is a full day event so if players can’t make it in time for the main event we do have the random character tourney at 7 and casuals throughout the whole day and evening. so to any of you that have the evening free but can’t make it early on, feel free to drop by and chill and game later on.

can i bring my xbox HD and play my evo online matches there