12/11: Ace Amusement (Japan) CvS2 2on2 results

crazy dope tourney, and one of the most fun tournies i’ve been to probably since TS5

3 brackets with 8 teams each entered, for a total of 24 teams/48 players. normal single-elim bracket format up until top 3, where the top 3 teams played round robin. in the event of a tie, best record wins.

(i never remember team names (plus they’re in japanese!) so i’m just gonna list players/teams)

1st: Densetsu No Otaku (k-kyo rock hibiki) Iyo (c-dhalsim maki rolento)
2nd: Nitto (k-geese cammy sagat) Mago (c-honda sagat blanka)
3rd (!): Bas (a-vega bison blanka) Kindebu (a-sakura bison blanka)

3-way tie for 4th:

4th: Gunter (a-vega yamazaki blanka) me (n-iori morrigan hibiki)
4th: Some Guys (i forgot one guy’s team, other guy was k-chang morrigan sagat)
4th: Some Other Guys (forgot one guy’s team), (c-kim rugal sagat (same guy that won the previous tourney i wrote about))

round robin results:
iyo beats nitto, loses to mago. OTK loses to mago. score = 1-2
OTK beats bas, beats kindebu. score = 2-0 (!)
bas beats nitto, loses to mago. kindebu beats mago. score = 2-1

final scores:
OTK team = 1W, 1L, 3-2
mago team = 1W, 1L, 3-3
bas team = 1W, 1L, 2-3

so even though it was basically a 3-way tie, japanese tournament rules usually call for a decision based on scores in the event of a tie. OTK team has the best score and wins

every single match of the top 3 was reallllllly good. so much so, that i was hoping that they would have to play more matches to determine the tie-breaker. RATS. OTK secretly brought in a gameshark and turned on the auto-JD code. dude is cheap

gunter and i (team name: peanut butter jelly time) both lost to otaku. otaku gets his revenge on me from texas showdown 5 (he’s been talking about it forever!). still a really good match though. we caught a lot of stuff on tape (like nitto doing The Craziest Laugh Of All Time), so videos might go up sometime if i find a free capture card on the ground somewhere

after the 2on2 tournament was over, there was a yokohama vs more 5on5 challenge. more amusement is the name of the arcade most tokyo big names go to for cvs2. i’m not really sure how this really random challenge came about, but whatever. yokohama is mostly no-names, and more is umm… basically all the big names. yokohama drafted bas onto their side though, but even he was thinking it was probably impossible since the score was expected to be 0-4 by the time he got to play

more team:
shiro (c-yamazaki sagat rolento)
mago again (they were short 1 guy. is this fair?)

yokohama team:
random yokohama guy #1 (k-kyo sagat cammy)
random yokohama guy #2 (didnt see his match)
random yokohama guy #3 (p-kyo sagat cammy)
random yokohama guy #4 (a-chun blanka vice)

the match begins, and random yokohama guy #1 upsets both mago and nitto! shiro then comes in and easily beats random yokohama guy #1 all the way through #4. bas comes in and beats shiro and iyo fairly easily, then beats Mago Part 2 in a fairly close match

…yokohama wins…?

the event was originally planned to be just yokohama and more, but then the tourney organizer decided to let everybody in on the fun. it wasn’t an actual tournament per se, just quick 5-man teams formed to play one other 5-man teams. 8 teams participated in the umm… exhibition matches? i have no idea what else you would call this. i’m not sure about the other matches played, but our team had 100 yen on the line (1 dollar). i wonder how you say BALLIN OUT OF CONTROL in japanese

anyway, i formed a team with some buddies, and like 1 minute after that otaku asked me to be on his team. him and kindebu needed 1 more. fhsjahfksahfkjs

so we play our match against a bunch of guys americans have probably never heard of (except for possibly bari (k-zangief geese rolento), he’s a pretty big name). my team asks me to go last, which i reluctantly agree to. long story short (i didnt want to type this much), our team wins 5-3. i didn’t get to play =(

hm, good shit. i hope you get to post up those videos some time.

I can’t wait to see the OTK matches

was any of this stuff recorded?

OTK, my homie. Plus he beat campbell!

Is it wrong of me to just want to see the Nit laugh? I’m sure I’ll enjoy CVS…but really, the craziest laugh of all time? That’s gotta be more exciting than games.

Any vids???


someone send this man a capture card, pronto.

thanks for the writeup buk, entertaining read :tup:

glad to hear otaku didn’t get into another dramatic accident right before the tourney

hey wsup Buk, see you are in the jap again, nice read and I hope to see them vids! ps how is the japanese going? learning any? I remember you asking why everyone knows japanese and not you at FR8 lol. So how long will you be there this time?

Yea i hope somebody sends you a capture card soon so I can see those matches…it’s been a while since I saw u in action @TS5, Buk. Plus it’ll be good to see those OTK/Bass/Kindebu matches

what format is the tape in, someone here could just cap it too.

yeah Buk send me that tape. :bgrin:

I did just find a free capture card in an old pc stashed in the back of the office here. WOOT!!!