12/11 CVS2 Results @ The Break! SANTHRAX! :)

Hey cool thanks a lot for everyone for showing up to my first tournament at The Break, had so many people most of the losers bracket had to be one match sorry about that, but didn’t want Sanford to miss his train and the guy there to stay late.

  1. Sanford Kelly - C Guile/Chun Li/Sagat
  2. Robert Sigley - K Terry/Yamazaki/Blanka lil Ken in there too and Sagat
  3. Jerry Hong - C Cammy or Vega/Blanka/Sagat
  4. Biola - A Battery/Sakura/Bison, C Eagle/Yamazaki/Sagat
  5. Ryo - K Cammy/Geese/Sagat
  6. Dave Lerner - C Akuma, Ryu, Sagat

Man funniest thing I seen in CVS2 - Sanford’s doing poke poke poke SBK, I JD poke x3 then the SBK comes out with Chun and he’s upside down and I throw him while he’s upside down haha too good had to see it. Finals were kinda close every match coulda gone either way good shit.

Next week is MVC2, I’ll post offical thread later - hope to see all the real players there

Wish i could have went, work sux,

Central Jersey demands a 3s tourney so run both marvel and 3s or something sigs! See if u can alternate with CVS2 or something mang.

Ill be in this week and ill bring bust-a-move.

there’s like, 10 3S players within the whole region. :bluu:

gotta run tourneys to get players

3S was busy most of the night too.

i’ll run 3s on jan 2nd or 9th let me know what’s best, i won’t be here next week cause i got a final and week after that is christmas, take your time with bust a move i’m in no rush to play it haha

…oh shit am i runnign this weeks break tourney?

phi is :smiley:

hey, you’re forgetting the 40-70 random mexicans! :wink:

yeah peeps, that’s right, i’m like back in effect… for like one night :lol:


yea yea yea yea yea…3s 3s 3s 3s…i’ll be there to beat phill then leave:D with shawn


BEST SEAN in jersey cant get his name right!!!

So when is the Smitcade gonna open Steven?


Holy shit Jerry Hong came to a tournament! Man is he back out of retirement?