12/11 Round Robin AND Double Elim tournaments from Siren Records, Doylestown, PA


You fools didn’t even know what you got yourselves into!!!

First was the high rollers tourney. 100 dollar entry. Flare was DQ’d.
Winners’ and Losers’ finals was best 3/5, Grand Finals was 2/3 though ;(

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  1. Danish (Ur)
  2. Dan (Ma) (Ke)
  3. Jim (Ch)
  4. Stephan (El) (Tw)
  5. Me (Or)
  6. 1der (Du)

Stephan switched to Twelve against Dan in his final game and lost the match ;(
Fire Chocobo chose RED Urien!!!
Jim didn’t feel like playing a full 3/5 against Danish, so he resigned after losing twice.
Dan lost a game to Jim in loser’s finals, then switched to Ken.

Next was the secret round robin that I entered people without their consent.

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  • means win, - is a lost.

Dan came in first, then Jim, then me, then 1der. Me and Jim tied for second, then played grand finals for second place and I lost.

  1. Dankah (Ma)(Ke)
  2. Jim (Ch)
  3. Me (Or)(Ry)
  4. 1der (Du)(Ne)(Ya)


Lol this is fucking hilarious

1nder- "Danish why are you helping!? Your giving him validity!"
Danish- “I never consented to this shit!”


Paraphrasing obviously


I’ll take DQ for $800, Alex.


yea 3s baby!


Ur gay.

Get it? Urien is Ur. I am t3h funny too!!!@!111!!!