12/16/05 Interface 3s Tournament Results

  1. Victoly
  2. Pyrolee
  3. Arlieth
  4. Amir

38 Total Fighters

It was a big turn out. There was some good matches. Thank you all for showing up.

vids? :o

tourney was very fun. good shit guys

Very good tournament. I think IF puts a 2nd place curse on me though :frowning:

the atmospere was pretty cool, the setup is great… i think its better than ffa tournament wise

Yeah I think so too. We’ll have to play there more often to get used to those kind of sticks though, but I say have the ranbats there.

Well it has warcraft 3 FT… so we can play dota after… the set up was nice… but i did want to ask everyone where they would like to hold the next ranbat… if u would like to put it in IF we can do that… if u wanna do it at FFA we can do that… give us your opinion

Only thing I dont like about IF is there are more gay people there compared to FFA. Seriously, what was with that little girl…

lol, yeah i agree that the setup was nice, and i the ranbats would be cool there.
you cant really avoid gay ppl, maybe you can just tell them to die if they get in your way.

lol thats the person who runs IF’s daugther i beleive

HAhaha uhhh, someone posted under my name? I never posted this but hello.

Thanks Everyone!

I just wanted to thank everyone for comming down to the tourney…we worked really hard to make it a nice event for everyone to enjoy

Special thanx to Matt & Jose for running the brackets

I’ll post vids later on this week

The Final 4 Video

Right click on the link below and click on "Save As…"
12-16-2005 Interface 3rd Strike Tournament - The Final 4

N-Joy! :wgrin:

awesome vids…all those matches are hella close. you guys have gotten so good.

nice dudley and nice yun/urien to victo/pyro