12/16 3rd Strike Tournament @ Interface

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12/16/2005 3rd Strike Tournament @ Interface in Simi Valley, CA - The Final 4

N-Joy! :wgrin:

Nice tourney and congrats to victoly for winning it.

But i am wondering…why did he miss the F+RH>SA3 link so many times? was it just the pressure or was there something wrong with the sticks?

Pretty good matches, interesting Yun stuff from Pyro, learn something new everyday.


it was probably the sticks. he also missed ducking reverse super countless times as well.

sometimes you dont buffer the motion, sometimes its pressure, sometimes you just miss it.

Sticks were definitely an issue in this tournament

Pyro you had some sick fuckin genei resets

Thanks! I just wish I could have landed my combo’s like I usually do. There’s going to be another tournament at the same place tomorrow (friday) a 2on2 and singles so look for more upcoming vids.

Pyro is strong.

Needs more Hung. :sad:

I’ll see you guys there tonight, yes?

Too bad…no Rockefeller commentary to make everyone laugh and mess up while playing the game?

Great vids, can’t wait for the next one.

yes good shit needs more rockefeller :slight_smile:

sticks must of been trash vic missed alot of rh shit, pyro was still solid but missed some etc…:frowning: bad sticks blow

Those were some nice-ass matches. Makes me want to play even more

And btw… Roc’s commentary = top tier :clap:

Fucking aye…yeah, J.R. was right, the sticks were off…I kinda got me a lucky break there when I faced him because of that. Tom pushed me to my limit when he played Ibuki vs. my Alex, and my matches vs. Christian were really hard-fought. Plus, big thanks to kaistar, Cole, Shogo, and Matt for the helpful tips…kinda was my first real tournament, so yeah.

Was Rockefeller there last night, then?

GG to all. See you all at the next one, yeah?

Damn that Yun is good!

Thanks for posting the vid.

the link dont work for me!! I really want to see the vids!!..=)