(12/21/10) 8 on the Break Weekly #88


Another exciting tourney from the Break!

1: Marlin2dGoddess (Cammy)
1: KDZ2dfGod (Abel, Rufus)
3: Josh Wong2dfGod (Guile)
4: Dr Chaos2dfGod
5: Ryan2dfGod
5: Damian2dfGod
7: DemonHyo2dfGod
7: Scott Pilgrim aka BigMuthaThunda2dfGod
9: wetBucket2dfGod
9: Quotes2dfGod
9: Chris Po2dfGod
9: Nohdby2dfGod
13: Kattermari2dfGod
13: Nick SSJ2dfGod
13: Felax2dfGod
13: Hollywood2dfGod
17: skm2dGod
17: Wonfei2dfGod
17: Sai2dfGod
17: Gizmo From Pizmo2dfGod
17: LeoGeo2dfGod
17: Joe Lewis2dfGod
17: Joneek2dfGod
17: Bik442dfGod
25: KagePie2dfGod
25: Crono2dfGod
25: Mozes2dfGod


i was at CF spying on dieminion and he said u guys suck


Good shit mike…it was fun. Hopefully I can make it up from florida in the future and do it again. Learned a lot


Haha everyones a God?


Apparently lol…I sure didn’t play like it though Brandon


Well he plays a game that sucks. I wonder if he actually played a good game before SF4. :meh:


Add me on XBL punk so we can ses.


…and that’s how the rumors start. In Dieminion’s defense and much of the people in the ARC; we don’t think SF4 (series) is a good game yet. It’s fun but the design and development of the game is always imbalanced. Fortunately there are continuous updates to the game that fixes them or accidentally breaks them. It’s also a good way for Capcom to make money on a revision of a game rather than the next installment. Be that as it may…the game isn’t all that great and Dieminion plays video games. Not Street Fighter. Like Yipes and many others…they just happen to be good at it.


Well said triforce…I LOVE street fighter. Always have. But I like to stay balanced by playing an assortment of games. I can’t speak for high level play like dieminion and the rest of EMP because i’m not on that level yet. But i’m a fan of ALL fight games…I do think that SF4 has reignited the interest in the genre however.


Joe we need to have runbacks man. Sim vs T.Hawk or whatever you want, even though I don’t think that Hawk was your main. When you beat my rose and then I beat u with sim i saw that you wanted to switch but changed ur mind at the last second. Good shit though man


guys philanthropy is trolling, lets just get ready for next week!


Tetris Attack tournament, let’s go.


^^^^^THAT^^^^^ SRK isnt that serious


Yeah; I have alternates for some matchups. It’s up to you though. I was salty about it but its all good, im over it now

I’m going to respond to this in parts based on the flow of the paragraph:

-Good game yet? Was it ever good?
-I highly doubt they expect unbalance when they are in the RnD stage
-It’s consistent in all games the only way to balance one thing is to make the others better. Its a constant trend =/
-A next installment is too early anyway and its not even an installment; Its $40 dollars for a balance patch with new characters/stages.
-Isn’t Street Fight a video- never mind. That statement in itself creates the misconception that people actually go out and buy an console JUST to play one game or something CRAZY like that =/


i think this is a good game, otherwise i wouldn’t be playing it =/


Good game, but very inconsistent.

All that said, the break is gdlk and I should be going more. =/


I don’t know why people would listen to philanthropy Dieminion is more Jersey than philanthropy anyways.


dang that’s harsh


lol phila still the same from GGPO days.


There wasn’t a stream last week, I don’t think… is there one for tonights?