12/21 James Games MvC2 (Violet Violence)

  1. David “DavidL” Lee - MSP, Magneto/Sentinel/Iron Man, SS/Cable, SS/Cyclops, Cable/BH/Commando (!)
  2. Alfred M - SS/Cammy
  3. Ace “taiji” Vallega - MSP
  4. Quincy Yang - Cable/Sentinel/Commando, Cable/BH/Commando

Let me just say that the sticks were in prime condition. They owned no less than four participants in this tourney, including David L, who lost early to Papa Trunks then decided to just rip through the losers bracket. Winners finals: Ace vs. Alfred, Alfred wins 3-1. Losers finals: Ace vs. David, David wins 3-0. Grand finals: David vs. Alfred. David wins two sets, 4-0, 4-1.

15 players entered this tournament, 16 if you count Tony who I thought was going to show up but didn’t. What the fuck buddy.

Thanks: Ace for helping me run things, especially when I got all shitty faced and tired. Everyone for being good natured (generally) about fubared sticks (fucking James Games), and for entering, yay!

This tournament got its name because I accidentally printed the brackets on flowery paper. Shine!

Way to go Ace! Representing the crew.

How many people entered this tourney?

the tourney went pretty well, i was surprised it ended around 9 ish. gg’s to everyone , machine 1 works pretty good, but machine 2 needs to be fixed. davidL is too good! hyper magnus’ msp is dope! crazy gideon is lame, i asked to break a 10, and he just gave me 2 fives, and said he had no ones :bluu: :lol:

Yeah, Hyper Magnus is dangerous, and his MSP is better than DavidL’s. And props to taiji for being so cool and praising an unknown player like Hyper Magnus.
And just for the record, I have been a regular at James Games for about 12 years, and I have to say that their sticks and buttons are pretty damn good, sometimes even better than SHGL’s sticks. The maintenance has declined recently only because DavidL doesn’t tell the owner to fix the machines (he only listens to David). Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that the James Games machines work better than people say and they just need getting used to.
And GG to everyone who showed up.