12/21 Portland 3S, and A3 results


12/21/02 Results :

3rd Strike
1st RaybladeX
2nd Slayer213KIL
3rd CrackerFury
4th Val Tonnont
5th Hien Le
5th DannyCat
7th Dennis Harris
7th Veasna
9th Mind_Reaver
9th Murakumo
9th CHAiNWhore
9th Bakemono
13th Brian Allen

Alpha 3
1st RaybladeX
2nd Dennis Harris
3rd CrackerFury
4th CHAiNwhore
5th Slayer213KIL
5th DannyCat
7th Bakemono
7th Val Tonnont
9th Hien Le
9th Murakumo


Oh, If I had known that Portland had such many players participating competitions, Ino and I would have dropped by there on the way going to Ino’s aunt’s home in Eugine from Seattle. We thought Seattle is the place of MVC2.
We actually dropped by Portland right before thanksgivingday.
Maybe someday in the future…

// Kuni


** Seattle has a SF scene but its mostly like CvS2 and maybe 3S. Only a couple peeps play like A3 and some play ST. Too bad we couldnt play u and Ino :frowning: , but hopefully next time your in town or at Evl.**


Kuni, Ino’s aunt lives in Eugene? Next time he’s here, please announce it somewhere in the forums. We’ve got a pretty active group of players here too, and we’d love to play against someone of Ino’s skill.


Oh man! I wish that you guys would have. We at Portland would have enjoyed your visit.
I would love to see Ino and RBX play some 3S among other things.
Man, I was at N3 and I met you guys, too bad I didn’t mindlessly chit-chat about the Portland scene at all. :slight_smile: oh well.

Hopefully next time.

  • Peace.


Congrats RaybladeX…I’m glad u r keeping Portland on the map…If I still lived there I would be right along side u…keep up the good work and bring back CvS2…Peace…and sup to all the Northwest players…



yo slayer sup? looks like it was a nice tourny. Can you post it on SFO so I can give you ranking points for it?:slight_smile:


very nice job Robert. Nice to see you at close to the top of the 3S tournies, and how can I forget my old nemesis Ray, holding it down. nice one!

p.s. who did you guys use?