12/22 Chicago MvC2 HoHoHo Down


1st - Marc “MadBooFace” Ansay - Mag/Sent/Capcom, Sent/Storm/Capcom
2nd - George “Too Juicy” Fed - Storm/Sent/Cable, Mag/Sent/Capcom
3rd - Joel “STRIDER KLOWN” Meza - Storm/Cable/Capcom, Cable/Doom/Capcom
4th - Alvin " Random Celestial" Lau - Sent/Cable/Capcom
5th (tie) - Sergio “Player Known? No. Player Unknown” Valadez - Sent/Cable/Capcom
5th (tie) - Tony “noise54” Kao - BH/Cable/Capcom

Marc aka Gohan ascended to anotha level, tearing his way through the winners’ bracket. He defeated George, who I still think is the KoC but with a dent in his armor, in the 2nd round. Then went on to beat Joel, witih whom he was zero wins and 2 yrs worth of tourny losses. IT’S OVER MANNNNNNNN! Marc beats George in finals 4-2. Chicago gave Marc his Christmas present in the form of his 1st tourny win. Thanks guys and good shit! Cya the 26th of January for the Midwest Challenge. Oh yea 10 ppl entered…10 of midwest’s best to be exact.


Good job Marc. So I guess Spiral really is gone :(. And congratulations to all top finishers. See you guys around SJG.

  • Geronimo


Actually I brought out Spiral once to counter George’s Team Scrub cause she owns that team hard. I forgot to mention the sticks were POO, everyone was missing shit left and right.


heh I just wana say mad props to marc for taking first and being able to play on thoes sticks… but congrats =)


Yea those sticks sucked but it’s you, George, and the rest of the southside’s homecourt. You should be used to them no?hahahha… Anyways the best highlight from that tourney was Sergio’s C-walking Sentinel toooooooo good.




w3rd…he’d pin you in the corner and C-walk all over you.


wowsers… grats marc



merry christmas marc.it was your day and simply not mine.remeber ppl,gohan surpassed everyone in the cell saga.so don’t be surprised.

on the sticks:that’s fc sticks for you.they fuck up every 10 mins or so.but it didn’t matter much.random tag outs…too good

cvs2 results:

1st:eduardo:K-groove sagat/blanka/yama
2nd:george "juicy g"fed:K-groove akuma/cammy/rolento/sagat
3rd;kris"THE ENTITY"walls:n-groove ken/geese/balrog


yes i suck,juicy was totally out of pratice for this one.eduardo was on a roll.congrats to ed.kris made his way to 3rd playing very smart and figured out how to beat sagat.the tourney ended at nearly 11:30(over a half hr over).congrats to kris,ed,and the new Koc marc.

edit:marc should put back up his gohan avatar.and NOT that avatar you threatened me with on saturday


crip walkin geronimo

marc did do pretty damn well. lots of good shit. congrats marc!!! there was lots of good comp. and sergios sent was too good. :eek: :eek: :eek:



Much props marc for showing off those mad MvC2 skillz, and much props to juicy for getting 2nd. And you can’t forget homeboy sergio at 5th place.

From all of R.U.N., Hope all of you guys have a happy holiday and a happy new year. Take care.

Peace Out!!

P.S. you guys should come down to qualify for Super battle opera in Jan. A few of us are gonna try to qualify for GGXX. Oh well, just a thought.


Wassup Ed! You and the other R.U.N. members have a “too good” Christmas!!! We’d love to go to Supera Battle Opera, but we aren’t on par with all those other games. We don’t even got a GGXX machine…Well anyways, Merry Christmas R.U.N. crew!

George, must I slap you foo! Not only did you let me stomp all over you, but you lost in cvs2?! DA FUCK is that shit?! I know Eduardo is good, but you beat Chikyu…on the big screen…in front of everyone!!! HELLLOOO WAKE UP! Mannn, :o :frowning: .

Renstar, thanks. And may I ask who you are?


i played you in the tourney. my name was jesus. i got my ass beat by you but i think i put up a good fight. so yeah ill just practice more.

merry xmas chitown!!!


oh hey what’s up Jesus!
You suprised me by how good you were. Keep playing and getting better and have a merry christmas!


I’m a scrub…I need a stick too…:frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Better late than never: Congrats to Marc.


Marc is bombbbbbbb :smiley:


Jonstar is my herooooooo!


Britney is booooooobbbbbbbbb!


your running chicago, u r my hero!

the last time i was at chicago, i got raped :frowning:


B:eek: :eek: B

the last time i was at canada, i got raped :frowning: :smiley: …there may be a slight chance i may be in town the 18th or 19th, i’ll let ya know.