.:: 12/22 Palisades Mall Results ::


place - name, srk name
1 - David Luu, David Luu
2 - David Wang, JWangSDC
3 - Hero Luu, HeroWho
4 - Alex Ngai, xMo0xMo0x <---- fuckin LAME~!
5 - Dan Lee, rpidannylee
5 - Joe Bomberman
7 - Hiro uchiyama, neva enuff

everyone got owned by fucked up sticks…so no tourney :lame:

random notes:
not a bad turnout competition-wise…the finals was pretty intense going all 7 games…too bad the player 1 side was fucked up…this turned out to be basically whoever got the good side would win…id really like to play all you guys again on GOOD sticks…i felt like such a scrob today…couldnt fuckin wavedash…blah…o well…hope we find a better place for next time…


HAHAHAHA, atleast you weren’t stubborn like me and played on the bad side throughout most of my matches!!! Couldn’t block low for my life!!! Anyway, yo, could you do me a favor and not include mine and my bro’s srk name because we got other apex points but it doesn’t show cause it’s just under our name!!! Thanks Man!!!


Damn sticks again huh?

Shit dudes fo real we should have a console tourney. I mean u wont worry about the sticks being busted or even having to bother with this pay-per-play shit. For the next one we should DEF have a console tourney. What do you all say to that?


yo i am TOTALLY for a console tourney…itd be nice to have a real tourney…not an execution contest…blah…well, it was cool meetin up with ppl tho…


console tourney = good for me…
APEX results have been edited so that everyone’s happy…


damn… everybody was too good for me to even compete…i need to learn how to play my characters in diff ways and play against certain characters… i couldnt do anything…
even if i did play on the better side it wouldnt have a diff… so i chose to stay on the shitty side

oh well… it was a cool tourney, cool ppl, and i learned some new stuff so ill get my practice in and hopefully be able to compete with eveybody by the next tourney…


Use cable/sent/cap, easy to use but yet hard to beat!!! Damn, everyone laughed at me when I got back to CT for placing 3rd! I knew I should of used sent/storm/cap, o well!!!:lol:


cable/sent/cap… itd be good if i could use sent… i havent used him much in the past so ill have to work on him


Sentinel/Cable/Capcom is the laziest team on the planet, yet it’s MAD GOOD. I hate that team and will never use it, but you can if you wanna win…


That’s why everyone calls it “TEAM SCRUB”!!! :lol: