12/23 Ibaraki Super Battle Opera Qualify-CVS2

There’s no cvs2 qualify in Tokyo and its vincities in this holiday weekend.
But BAS and his friends drove down for couple of hours to Ibaraki, as well as some players from Nagoya drove 6-8 hours in order to seek for the easier final spot.
So, the competition level of the tourney went so high and nobody got confident to qualify. :frowning:

Here’s the result of the tourney(32 people) :
1st: BAS(A-Sakura, Blanka, Bison) - Qualified
2nd: Makoto(P-Kyo, Vega, Cammy) - Qualified
3rd: Shiro(C-Sagat, Yamazaki, Rolento) - DNQ

Highlights: BAS’s Sakura worked great job and lead much advantages to beat Nagoya’s top player, Morikawa, or Nishi-Dhal.
Makoto is… ‘Parrying Maniac’.

Here’s also Osaka qualifiers result just got from BAS
1st: INO(A-Blanka, Bison, Sagat) - Qualified
2nd: Hame Moomin(K-Bison, Cammy, Sagat) - Qualified

get ready to qualify to face them?

// Kuni

Thank you for the results >) This tourney should be interesting.

A shame Shiro didn’t qualify…one of the worth while C groove players out there…Maybe Yuu will qualify?

Hey, don’t worry!

Shiro can still qualify. All he needs to do is do what BAS did and drive to some other qualifying tournament and qualify there.

What I wanna know is when are all the people that dominated Evolution going to show up? Namely Tokido, Ohnuki, LiquidMetal, Ken, etc. Also Chikyuu.

Same question for all those people and Mester for 3rd Strike and Super Turbo.

GO BAS! dirty ass a-ism, AAAAAAAAAAAAA

Hey, don’t worry!

I’m sure Shiro and Yuu will go to another qualify in local area and pass.
Tokido will show up to his local arcade’s qualify as well.
But Ohnuki says he won’t be going to cvs2 qualify, because he’d rather concentrate and practice on 3s and VF4E.
Isn’t Ohnuki really coming? We doubt it and believe he’ll show up later on.
On new year’s break, Matsuda’s Game-Newton will have 3S qualify where one of the highest qualify.

It’s quite not easy at all for above EVO top players to qualify. :cool:

// Kuni

Makoto & P-Groove. Any footage that I can get concerning this Makoto?

aka Mr.CheapO

when INO came to NEC3, he gave his last set of CD’s to som…there is this one CD Josh has…it has some CRAZY mokato shit on his P groove Kyo, Vega , Cammy, where his kyo straight up DOMINATED…almost ocv’ing everyone he played…basically, he doesn’t parry everything…but his Kyo’s got some SICK ass mix ups…and he never EVER misses bread and butter…EVER…he’d go either c.lk, c.lp, c.mp, 3 hit chain, or c.lk, s.lp, s.mp, 3 hit chain…oh yeah he does some crazy OTG combos with level 3 super…i think it was like…in the corner, mk launcher kick, then the mk, dragon kick, then on the way down he’ll do the double fireball super, then do the 3 hit chain on the way down…but wiff the first 2 hits of the chain, and otg with the last hit…and it combos…sick sick stuff…he makes EVERYTHING look so easy, but I think even for a japanese player, his combos are CRAZY consistant…his Vega and ratio 2 cammy is pretty patient, but Makato was doing some sick stuff with Vega…he would combo just about ANY chain into a super…I saw things like, c.lk, c.lk, s.lp, super (level 3 claw) and I saw like, s.lp, s.lp, c.lk, super…its just too sick…and he was doing it MAD consistant…Makato is just too sick…

oh yeah, the CD’s i have from ino contains ALOT of different stuff…one cd had Shiro’s C-groove Rolento / Sagat / Yama just owning people up…Sagat is way too sick…they just know how to mix up SO well…and ALL their combos are so consistant. Some of the more impressive individual characters I saw were like, INO’s K-cammy, someone’s A-Iori, BAS’ A-Bison, someone’s N-Ken (the only Ken worth mentioning), Makato’s P-kyo (way too sick…was owning EVERYONE), and others…p.s. the CD’s were VERY WELL organized too…its just straight up matches…all on chronological order…winner stayed to play on…it was just too good…

is makoto the same guy with the crazy v-zangief?

Where is this from? It’s somewhat part of Urien’s 2 in 1 attack strategy, and not combo. Nothing special in it.

Re: Hey, don’t worry!

Wait a sec, doesn’t this mean that the Japanese players that took the top 6 spots out of 8 in CvS2 at Evolution…might not even qualify for the Super Battle Opera?

This tourney is gonna be incredible.

Thanks for the info Kuni…Sounds interesting…Has anyone recorded footage from the qualifiers.??? Just curious…I’m out…



Ah, I’m reluctant to tell this fact… but YES, even the EVO CvS2 winner Tokido is so afraid of Tokyo’s CvS2 weekly ranking battle top rankers.
He thought he’ll qualify @ his local arcade’s tourney, but after he knew they’ll come down to there, he’s so anxious he’ll pass.
Now even BAS dominates Tokido so badly.

Ohnuki is almost giving up to survive all those RCers and he focus and care more for 3S and VF4E instead.
Here’s Ohnuki’s word for CvS2 RC:
CvS2 used to be a pretty good game, until RC was discovered.


Apparently, we all just needed to start RC’ing to get to their level at that. Now there are more ways to counter RC’s than before, and even better RCing specials found every time. Even Blanka can’t RC electricity all the time…and if he could, there are more ways around it found now (like, pick Iori, and if you see a meaty RC elec, activate, scum gale, and other command grab chars can apply :))

In a way, I think the game NEEDED RC to be found. While at one side it makes two of the top tier (Cammy and Blanka) exceptionally more powerful, some characters become even more competitively applicable. Take Athena or Morrigan for example. RC command grab is a great tool to have for them both. Opens up trap opportunities for even more chars, such as Yun, Todo, etc. All good things have a bad side. That’s my opinion though.



Wait a second! Isn’t Ohnuki the one who discovered RC’ing in the first place :confused: :wtf:?

  • Geronimo

Re: worry!

true. he was among the first ones who discovered and started using it.
but what he stated was RC completely changed the way how it’s played.

I heard Tokido qualified in his local arcade’s tourney. Shiru (juice) as well.
Shiro lost to Shiru @ first round. Too bad.
Daigo will come back to some later cvs2 qualify. Ohnuki might come, too.

Congrats to BAS,Makoto and Shiro for qualifing

BAS+A-groove=too good:cool:

Hi Kuni, how are things?:slight_smile:

Shiro’s Yamazaki is sick

I’m pretty sure this is the same guy you all are talking about. I saw a lot of those japanese vids and I must say Shiro’s Yamazaki is one of the most dominant things I’ve EVER seen in CvS2 play.

Shiro plays C-groove with the team order of Sagat-Rolento-Yamazaki(R2) if I’m not mistaken. And he doesn’t dance around with the order. His Sagat and Rolento are streaky. Sometimes he wins a round sometimes he doesn’t. I saw a lot of rounds where his opponents just wipe out his Sagat and Rolento with their 1st character.

But when it’s Yamazaki’s turn, he fucking dominates. I saw him kill all three characters with just his R2 Yamazaki a number of times, and this is against very good japanese competition. And in the games that he loses, his Yamazaki always manages to do heavy damage to the opponent leading to crazy comebacks that don’t quite happen.

My point is that he plays catch up in virtually every game. His Sagat and Rolento just aren’t up to par (for japanese standards). Seriously, if he brushes up on his first two characters, he’d be nearly unstoppable (and yes he can roll cancel in case you were wondering). But let’s just say he’s capped out on his Sagat and Rolento skills. I would seriously advise him to consider Ratio 4 Yamazaki. I swear he’d be better off. He’s already taking on 3 characters played by japan’s best with just a ratio 2 Yamazaki. Ratio 4 might be totally dominating.

The best overall player I saw though was some guy (I forget his name) who plays Ryu-Ken-Sagat(R2). He’s a great example where all three of his characters are solid. This guy won more consistently than any other japanese player on the vids.

Whats going on Kuni! Long live the Dojo!!! I like the fact that there are mostly K and C groove qualifying in jpn. TWO P-groove teams now and only 2- a groove (YEY). Its all about K groove…I dont know why everyone stopped playing n-groove…but im really glad :slight_smile: This SBO tournament is going to be very intresting. RC are very stupid…and in no way does it HELP CVS2. Bugs do not balance games!


Smoke, are those vids you have anywhere on Mirc or direct connect? I may be wrong, but that Ryu/Ken/Sagat guy sounds like Daigo Umehara.