12/27 SVGL results

To all the guys that AIMed me asking when the tourney was… I was still sleeping. BUT, the scheduled tourney time was all over SRK anyway… so whatever. It’s not like we ever hold tourneys at a different time anyway.

1st: Campbell “N-Groove SOLDIER” Tran, N-Iori/Morrigan/Hibiki
2nd: Kim Hahn “Whiff Low Jab Super” Hoang, C-Sagat/Rolento/Blanka
3rd: Ricky “Wack Ass Team #4” Ortiz, A-Hibiki/Rolento/Cammy
4th: Daniel “Boy Wizzle” Tran, A-Vega/Rolento/Bison

So yea, we’ve been having really shitty turnouts… especially considering it’s winter break right now. So, I don’t think I’m gonna throw any more tourneys for a while. Maybe wait a month or so.

my boy Kim Hahn!!

beasting >_<

ricky got rocked, he should have stayed home =X

wow, ricky 3rd huh? ok… but anyways GOOD SHIT DANIEL!!!YEAH!!!

do you guys ever tape your matches?

congrats campbell

and what was the level 2 into level 1 with blanka?

6 whole contestants… fuck yeah…

but yeah… it should have been Kim “i work in a veeyo store” Hahn (ohio1234)

fun tourney

Sometimes matches are taped, but they rarely ever get uploaded anywhere. Blanka lv2 into lv1 (which somehow became Kim’s trademark) is the ground shave into direct lightning. Takes like 5 mins to figure it out, then it’s easy.

we need more mvc2 tourneys though campbell…

We would if people actually came

freakin ricky
i thought you were gonna use kGroove sagat/maki/blanka!!!

I came out right as the tourney was ending…I saw Kim beat Ricky and Buk beat Kim…only like 6-7 peeps…whoa…wtf is going on??? Casual after was fun S-Kyosuke on the map!!! Congrats to the top placers…who knows I might start playing in tourneys again whenever I have free time…late…


U should join the marvel tourney too with your iceman/Doom lol
we need people.

yeah we do. ppl like u lol. what up ?