(12/28/10) 8 on the Break Weekly #89


Another exciting tourney from the Break!

1: PR Balrog (Boxer)
1: Noel FUCKING Brown (Sagat)
3: MarlinPie ($Cammy)
4: Beef Doompling
5: Philanthropy
5: Quotes
7: Miro
7: Dynicksty
9: Coderius
9: Joe Lewis
9: Sai
9: Chris Matrix
13: Hollywood
13: Bibulus
13: Jeff Sledge
13: Diji
17: Rigel
25: Ronin


Noel FUCKING Brown stole the show, HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!!!


I only used sagat in one match.I used vega the whole tournament mr.mike.


thanks for stopping by everyone and where the fuck is jaxel awol for 2 weeks so we couldn’t even bring pr rog to the people


Good job guys.


I’ll be back next week…


u better or the break gonna have 2 get team spooky and then theyll be gettin the nickels in the donation jar not u


damn. good shit, noel.


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