12/29/02 -- Redmond, Washington GGXX Tournament Results


**We had our first XX tournament in the Northwest; venue was Famcom Games in Redmond, WA. Tournament format was best 2 of 3, single elimination, with finals being best 3 of 5.

1st – Billy Natividad (Sie Kensou) – Baiken, I-no
2nd – Michael Svien (Shin’X) – May
3rd – Gene Siew (Kus4n4gi) – Johnny, Baiken
3rd – Ian T. (Vash Tha Stampede) – (don’t remember characters :sweat: )

Billy pretty much owned everybody with his tatami-dropping Baiken…the only round he lost was his I-no against Cory Wycoff’s (Dan_is_my_Hero) Faust. Billy quickly switched to Baiken, and came back to win the last round with a double-perfect.

The finals were interesting, but decidedly in Billy’s favor, winning 3-0. Michael tried to find a hole in Billy’s pattern, but no matter how many dolphins he threw, the seemingly unpunishable Baiken would not be defeated.

This was (to my knowledge) the reigon’s first GGXX (or any Guilty Gear for that matter) tournament. Props to Loki, owner of Famcom Games, for putting it together. Three other tournaments were held at the same time: CvS2, Street Fighter Super Turbo, and KoF2K2. Basically everybody who came for the other tournaments was watching GGXX, so lets hope this sparks some more interest in the Seattle reigon!