12/3 Stargate Results

CvS2 (25 people)

  1. David Hem “asianhitler”
  2. Chris Villarreal “crow”
  3. Kevin Turner “shin_kensou”
  4. Omar Scanu “Hypnotize”
  5. Martin Phan “KimMaster”
  6. John Bunn “Genius”

MvC2 (24 people)

  1. Vinny Guien “vinnyman”
  2. David Hem “asianhitler”
  3. Clay Vest (yes, his real name)
  4. Daniel Nguyen “power-dn”
  5. Carlos Jimenez “Stiggz”
  6. John Pertgen

Super Turbo (13 people)

  1. Joe Congdon “jeaux”
  2. Chris Villarreal “crowinHTown”
  3. Javier Moreno “Javi”
  4. Chris Wong “cmutt”
  5. Daniel Nguyen “power-dn”
  6. Alex Navarro “Miami-X Alex”

3rd Ass (15 people)

  1. David Hem “asianhitler”
  2. Chris Wong “cmutt”
  3. Javier Moreno “Javi”
  4. Kevin Turner “shin_kensou”
  5. Alex Navarro “Miami-X Alex”
  6. Jimmy Schwenke “turtler”

David Hem finally returns from wherever to take cvs2 and 3s, and getting 2nd in mvc2.
Ryuwinz had to study, so a no-show.
Alex Navarro had a brainfart.
Another no-show for Zavar.
Everyone loses to my robot Chun.

SPELL MY NAME RIGHT SO I CAN GET MY POINTS. VINNY GUIEN has my 2400 points.:bluu: :confused: :wtf:

LMAO “Anger management fails” :lol:

<sigh> I had like the worst luck in 3 out of the 4 games I played. Oh well. I’ll do better next week.