12.30.2005 Hawaiian Brian's Billiards - MVC2

Double Elim -

1st - Rawbzilla
2nd - Brad
3rd - JBMoney
4th - T-Spice
5th - Dagger_G
5th - Tani
7th - YK808
7th - Joo

Forgot what teams were used. Anyone remember? Anyhow, fun tournament with ghetto hand drawn brackets by yours truly. haha! Happy new year everyone!

3s tourney instead please :X

what ever happened to nismor, ryan, dj-b?? these guys still around?? sup to all in hawaii, your hospitality is still remembered and appreciated.


Hi Watson,

  Happy New Year. Us guys still remember the whoopings you gave us guys.  

But to answer your question, I remember Nismor making a return to playing around last Evolution, but I haven’t seen him since. He might be playing occassionally at a place called Zones.
Ryan also made a few cameo appearances at Zones too, but I’m not too sure, since I don’t go down there. Last time, I spoke with him, he said he was gonna focus on his Jurisprudence degree.
DJ-B, I see once in a great while, he told me he didn’t touch Marvel since he got back from Evolution, and tells me about other games I never even heard of.

Fuckin RAWBZILLLLLLAAA!!! Good shit homie =]. I still wanna go to hawaii =O! Hopefully soon, peace.

P.S. Where’s DUBS!?!?!?!? DJB-Thirtizzeen???!?! Golden Nizmore?!?!? Hawaiian Ryan!?!?!? Where ya’ll go?!?!? lol. Quote on me asapasapasapasapasap!!! And HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!!

The Chunksta: Dubz said he had to work that day, but we’re trying to come with a plan, to get all those guys to come down to play at the same time.