12/30 3rd Strike Tournament @ Interface

Happy New Year Everyone!:party:

Here’s the vid to the 12/30/05 Interface 3rd Strike Tournament

Right Click on the link below and click on "Save As…"
12/30/05 Interface 3rd Strike Tournament

Rashai ! :karate:

Thanks dude… Happy New years too you too!

great video shogo, thanks. i really liked the commentary, haven’t heard funny shit like that since the first ffa test video.

p.s omfg is 5tar psychic or something?

Great video Shogo. That one xbox dude was crezy with those reversal shippu’s.

Oh god please don’t say that. That guys voice is so annoying. Grates on my nerves to no extent.

I watch all the Cali videos muted.

rockefeller commentary for the win i’m glad he wasn’t making wow jokes this time cause i had no idea what he was talking about

For the Horde!

Hey True can u hook me up with the last two parts of that tournament I’m gettin off u?

haha fun tournament… i love the commentary… always so much fun … i mean i bet all those KSK Ranbats are like that too except i dont understand japanese…fuckers… …

thanks for the vid Shogo

some nice action here

one of the commnetaires was kinda of funny and a dick at the same time. He called some guy macho man randy savage or something. The part where he talks about the homeless man and how he has a mustang was funnyyyyyyy. “did you scratch my mustatng. No. Oh, when i find that guy im gonna bust him” or something like that. PRICELESS

They dont need to call every move like they were trying to do. Just call the good moves because anyone thats willing to watche this usually knows whats going on.

Great commentaries.


Yes, good commentaries, and I didn’t even get to finish it yet.

Arlieth took me to school in the first round…caught me a bad beat. Arlieth, if you’re reading this, what was that combo with Ibuki you used on my Alex that had that jump-cancel in it?

mirror please


lol !! THANK YOU JEZUS !!!

great vid, thanks for posting it up.

cole did good with urien i was happy to see that. and i’m glad rockafeller and 5 star were commenting together. they are awesome.

Yeah, if Cole’s Urien tightened up his execution, he’d be a force to be reckoned with.

I played his Urien at Evo he looks like he got alot better.

Great tournament.

this tournament is a piece of shit

…just kidding i didnt download it yet

slow DL i hate shogo with a passion

Why was Sex using Yun?:confused: Dont tell me he dropped Makoto. He should remember a quote from Roc: “Makoto’s really good. The best guy!” :lol: :lol: :lol: