12 Hit combo-Ken



Well, this one is easy.

Fierce =>(cancell into) HP-Shoryuken(Dragon Punch) =>(cancell into) Shipuujinrai Kyaku (Super #3)

You should get from a 12-13 hit combo


thank you for wasting forum space. :smiley:


I wish I could be as good as you and make combos that hard!


i have a much better combo…

get close to an opponent, and do qcf qcf + any kick. you should have sa2 as your super.

this does 15 hits, and massive damage, probably more than your combo, and way easier too.


Better yet, try it with Chun-Li SA2 and you’ll get a 17 hit combo! If you’re good you can even get as many as 19 hits by following it up with her air chain! :wink:



no see, this combo only needs a small bar to do and does more damge than super #2. It’s not complicated at all. All you do is just:
Hit the HP button, then quickly do a HP Shoryuken, then quickly do the superart (#3) before your opponent get’s into the air. It sounds complicated but, it’s EXTREMELY an easy ass usefull combo.


Damage is higher w/ a MP DP (1 hit), instead of HP DP.

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if i can do it then, you can to.


I never said I couldn’t…

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Evil Ken post more combos please I beg you ive had a hard days work and I need to be entertained more And you are giving me a damn good laugh hahaha. …:lame: SCRUB!



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no offense, you guys do suk at the game appearently. I’m not talking about Geronimo at this time because, he didnt say he couldnt do it. Other people said they cant though. I’ll post a video to show you how to do it. It’ll be up by tomorrow. That way you can understand it better.


there being sarcastic you dumb ass!!!

doing just a d+mk and sa3 does the same amount if you were to do that crap in your first post which is just for show…



ok, i know you say it easy. but i try and i cant do it. most of the time i hit HP. and then do shoryuken. and it doesnt come out. i go tthe shoryuken to come out once and then i cant so the super fast enough. by the time i do the super motion and hit the button, ken has landed on the ground. can you tell me how?


It doesnt do the same amount of damage. The 12-13 hit combo i said does upto 65% of damage.


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Yes, thst is absolutly correct. That’s what’s troubling all the people right now probably. Once you get into the shoryuken, try to get the shoryuken to ONLY do 2 hits, otherwise on the 3rd hit, Ken is already in the air. On the 2nd hit of the shoryuken, you quickly cancell it into a sa3.

so let me tell you once again:
HP=Shoryuken=SA(1/2/3)(Any SA works)

The point is trying not to get Ken into the air for it to work.


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Holy fuck is this guy serious